The foodie posts

First off, I have to apologize.  Clearly I haven't devoted nearly enough time and attention to the foodie posts.  A lot of you are stopping by here (I'm guessing that you first spend some time on the gear posts, and that eventually drums up an appetite, and naturally you head from the garage to the kitchen rubbing your tummy and gazing hopefully into the fridge.  Unfortunately you're finding the cupboard woefully bare.  It's unforgivable.   I'll strive to try harder, I promise.

If you've been hanging around here more than casually, you will have come across some of what could be called 'foodie' posts.

Montreal, like many other cities, offers foods to eat and places to eat them that define the city.  Places and foods that ex-pats find they just can't find in their adopted city.  I've written about some of those things.

What you will find here is a list of foods and places many ex-Montrealers find themselves longing for when they've had to do without them.  Some of them have posts, others not. In the fullness of time I may end up posting about all of them.

I refreshed this journal late in 2015 to put it into a format where I can explore other passions Susan and I have, like cooking, for instance. I plan to post some recipes that I personally find work some kind of magic. The magic stems from a number of different sources. Sometimes the magic is there because the recipe is an heirloom recipe that strikes a chord deep in my heart. Other recipes are magic because the ingredients combine in surprising and delightful ways. In those cases, there is generally a trick (technique really) that needs to be learned and well understood, without which you end up with a mess instead of a delight. Many sauces, both savory and sweet are in this category, and so are pies, cakes, cookies, and breads.

Other times, the magic comes from the thrill of discovery. In the spring of 2015 Toronto becomes home for Susan and I. We'll have Canada's largest metropolis to explore, and this journal is now well-designed to showcase our foodie insights. 

The bottom line is that this page, far too neglected in the past, is set to evolve.

For now, here are the lists.  I'll add the links as I find the posts, or as I write them.

A - n - t - i - c - i - p - a - t - i - o - n  is a big part of what we enjoy about food.

Foods that define Montreal:
Restaurants, bakeries and other food venues that define Montreal:

Magic recipes:
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