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In January of 2017 I gathered my gumption, clenched my jaw, and took a leap of faith.

I added a video journal to complement this Life on two wheels journal. You can get to the YouTube Channel by clicking here.

You will find links to the episodes and show notes below, in chronological order.

I you feel inclined, please subscribe to the Life on two wheels channel on YouTube.

Why a video journal (or video blog, or vlog)?

There is something intensely personal and intimate about a well-crafted vlog (not that I consider my vlog to be well-crafted at this point).

That being said, a written journal has its own distinct merits. The range of expression possible is very different in each of the branches of what we have come to refer to as social media. I think that blogs and vlogs are complementary.

Here are my video contributions to date:

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