Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Catching Ms. Yue

Welcome to episode 35 of the vlog: Catching Ms. Yue.

The vast majority of our fellow humans are dedicated to a 9-5 work regimen (or to even more demanding jobs). We live relatively close to where we work and we commute from home to work week in, and week out, with precious few breaks in the routine.

That is why there is something very special about adventurers. These are people who decide to uproot their lives and head out to discover the planet.

In this episode I share an interview with Stephanie Yue at the 2018 Isle de Wolfe scooter rallye. By the time I managed to snag a few precious minutes of free time with Steph the sun was rapidly fading, along with the quality of the video. I have Steph's boyfriend Fred to thank because he agreed to act as the second camera man.

Steph has ridden Serenity, her Vespa GTS, through all 49 continental states of the USA, and her most recent adventure was a moto tour in Pakistan.

You can learn a lot about someone like Steph by following her blog. But nine times out of ten, there is no way to connect the voice to the blogger. This interview scratches that itch. If you visit her rider profile on the Rider Profiles page, you will find links to other interviews, but, as far as I know, until I stand corrected, this is the first YouTube interview of the intrepid Ms. Yue.

With a little luck this may not be the last time I have the privilege of catching up with her.

The music for this episode is Game Plan by Bad Snacks, made available thanks to the YouTube audio library.


RichardM said...

Great interview! A true adventurer.

David Masse said...

Thanks Richard, a true adventurer indeed.

Steve Williams said...

Thanks for sharing this interview David. I find people like Stephanie who live these alternative lives on the road fascinating. How they come to be where they are and how they manage their lives is so interesting, and at the same time so far from anything I can imagine myself doing, that I always come away reconfirming that they're best kept in the dream world for me.

As she discussed managing her far flung "family" I kept hoping you would ask if it is a lonely life. I love being alone but I just can't wrap my head around so much of it. And I consider myself shy and have this picture that I would ride and ride and never say a word to anyone. Probably why it's best my riding life consists of day trips...

David Masse said...

I knew time would be limited (the nature of the YouTube beast) and my interviews take off much like the Wright brothers at Kittyhawk: all tentative and uncertain. I think tackling lonesomeness would have been too risky. I enjoy interviews though. Dar was the first, you were the second, Steph was three. I think I’m getting a little better at it, but I’m no Morley Safer or Oprah Winfrey so maybe in a thousand more takes I’ll be half-decent :)

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