Sunday, February 26, 2012


... turns out that what I thought was light, was snow.

An easy mistake at this time of year.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel?

It's February.

When I was a kid in grade school, my mother would say "it's February, better bundle up!"

February was often the harshest month of the year. "Sub-zero" was often heard on the radio back then when it meant something in the Fahrenheit times.

But this winter has been more clement than harsh, and this February has been more March-ish. Everywhere you look winter seems beaten. What little snow we have is brittle and withered. The mantle is all in shades of grey and has receded to reveal the outline of our lawn.

If my Vespa were not in mid-project mode, I'd be considering a commute or two if it continued to look like positive temps and no precips.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More... of the things you see

Here I was walking back to the office after mailing the Heat Troller® back to Oregon to repair my mistake, when something caught my eye in a store window.
The backdrop to the display was a huge poster of a dragon-red Vespa LX against a lovely patch of fresh spring grass... Ahhhhh! Just the ticket to put thoughts of spring in my mind and the coming Vespa commuting season firmly in sight.

PS: This post goes under the heading of curious sights.  There is one other post like this.   Maybe I'll make this a series and title all these posts as "... the things you see...".


 The waiting game starts afresh since the Heat Troller® I wrecked is now on its way back to Warm & Safe in Oregon for repair.

Did I mention that Jim Hollander at Hot Grips™, Pat Denayer at Lockitt Group Inc., and Mike Ebers and Deata McCubbin at Warm & Safe Heated Gear™ have unbelievably stellar customer service?  I'm happily repeating it because it's so true and so refreshing in today's big-box, mass-marketing, internet mega-store world.

You'll be able to read all about this most unwelcome detour in the installation of heated grips when I finally complete the project and post a very detailed project report.

Having felt the heat before I wrecked the controller, I can tell you that I am so looking forward to the luxury of those grips when the commute resumes in March.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rick Snyder's Cannonball Run

Rick Snyder's a great guy.

Rick has set his sights on the 2012 Scooter Cannonball.  It's a challenge most riders don't get to measure themselves against in a lifetime.

It takes guts, a chunk of free time, great riding skills, a willingness to sleep in a motel room with your scooter, iron determination and a butt to match, an adventurous spirit, and money.

Rick has most everything he needs, but some money to help pay the Cannonball bills would be really nice.

I don't have what it takes to take on the Cannonball.  That's why I'm planning to enjoy the whole thing vicariously through Rick.

Until the 2012 Scooter Cannonball is in the history books, the Scoot Commute is throwing its support behind Rick and his daring adventure.  You'll notice a makeshift banner that will fly here for the duration.  Click on it to support Rick.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Major set back (Aarrrrgh!!!)

No, I'm not a trying to be a pirate.

I was literally minutes from completing the installation of the Heat Troller® switch, wanting to get it nice and snug, I destroyed the switch body, turning the entire Heat Troller® into instant junk.
How dumb is that?

This means that the project report, that was also almost done, won't be posted until I get a new Heat Troller®.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

PS:  Patrick Denayer of and Deata at Warm and Safe have collaborated so that I can get my damaged Heat Troller® repaired.  Jim Hollander of Hot Grips™ has also had his eye on this as you can see from his comments on this post.  Quite honestly this is just incredible customer service, and for a customer who messed up a perfectly good piece of equipment. That'll teach me that working in a cold garage might numb the brain.  It's amazing to be rescued from my self-made misfortune by such caring suppliers.
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