Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More... of the things you see

Here I was walking back to the office after mailing the Heat Troller® back to Oregon to repair my mistake, when something caught my eye in a store window.
The backdrop to the display was a huge poster of a dragon-red Vespa LX against a lovely patch of fresh spring grass... Ahhhhh! Just the ticket to put thoughts of spring in my mind and the coming Vespa commuting season firmly in sight.

PS: This post goes under the heading of curious sights.  There is one other post like this.   Maybe I'll make this a series and title all these posts as "... the things you see...".


Dar said...

David - spring is definitely in the air here! The trees are starting to blossom and the threat of snow seems to be gone, but you never know Mother Nature, she can have a pms days from time to time.

Trobairitz said...

Great use of a Vespa print.

Good job noticing it too.

Come on Spring.......

SonjaM said...

Admit it, you noticed the mannequin's legs at first, and spotted the scoot later ;-)

David Masse said...

Sonja, pleading the 5th ;)

Unknown said...


I was struggling to see the Vespa too, but no problem viewing the rider's legs

the questions is: "Why would you be looking a ladies clothes store anyway ?" (in the first place?)

Riding the Wet Coast

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Nice catch, David, no matter what you noticed first. I hope you have an early Spring in Montreal. I'm ready for more of your adventures.
Circle Blue

David Masse said...

Thanks For the kind words Keith.

Bob, of all the display windows I passed, that one was the most tame and least interesting. So it's a sad comment on my riding deprived brain that I spotted the Vespa through the mannequin forest.

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