Sunday, May 7, 2017


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In this episode I revisit the place where my life on two wheels began, in Victoria, British Columbia. My experience there nine years ago changed my life in ways it was impossible to imagine. Those ways are all documented on the blog and are well-worth exploring.

The music for this episode is Deep Hat by Vibe Tracks, available for download in the YouTube audio library ( Mood music was incidentally provided by talented guy in the video thumbnail.

The detailed narrative for this episode may be found in these posts: The opening post of the blog from March 2010 Getting started... and this post from December 2011 How and Why I got into Motorbikes. Each of those posts provides some key insights into what living life on two wheels means to me. The only way to gain a more complete understanding is by viewing this episode of the L2W vlog, and by exploring this journal. One of the easiest ways to do that is to click on the link above to the version of this journal in chronological order.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Later on in the season I'll have more to say about the mysteries of Vimy, you'll get to tag along as I take a trip south to the sticks of Pennsylvania to hang out with Steve, and there will be much, much more in store.


Unknown said...

David, my friend, I enjoyed hearing your riding origin story.

I marvel at how a common theme for riders' origin stories is how going around by motorized two wheels simply changes lives. One signifiant way that I sum up my life so far, that I categorize my overall experience, is pre-riding days vs. riding days (it seems that most riders do this).

Riding changes one's life in remarkable and immeasurable ways, and it seems that no matter how we try, its essence remains indefinable, inscrutable. I think I can honestly say that one big reason I ride is to try to understand why I ride, to try to comprehend its appeal.

I'm happy to keep trying... ;-)

Stay well, moto-friend.

Dar said...


I know that route well! I used to ride the scenic Dallas Rd route all the time and stopped at the same spots. It is amazing what happens when you dare to dream and then act on it. Magic!

SonjaM said...

A very inspiring story, David, and Victoria was a perfect "birthplace" for your scooter-mania. Dallas Road: the pier for the big cruise ships, the Mile 0 monument, the water views. Thanks for the memories.

David Masse said...

Ry thanks for the kind words. I am very happy to be considered your friend. Who knows where that might lead? A little scrambling along dry creek beds in Utah maybe?

Time will tell my friend.

David Masse said...

Dar that is so, so true.

When you make it out this way, I'll suggest some nice routes and offer a blogger to blogger ride to try them out.

David Masse said...

Sonja, it is truly my pleasure.

Dar said...

Look forward to that!

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