This journal in chronological order

The most usable format for a blog, and the one you'd want if you are a regular visitor, is the dog pile version. The one with the most recent post on top, and the remainder falling away in reverse chronological order. In that way, a blog is the opposite of a book.

Every now and then, especially for new readers, you want to see how the blog began. It's not that hard to read a blog in reverse, that is to say, in the same order as a book. But it's not convenient.

You have to keep clicking on the "older posts" link, or mess with the blog archive list, and eventually keep having to fiddle with it again, and then you still have to keep clicking around, and, well, it's really not convenient.

If you want to have a look at this blog in chronological order (initially it was the first two years' worth but every now and then I add the previous years' posts), here is the post list in book order (it's there, after the narrative, trust me, click here to get to the list and skip the narrative). In a bid to make this even easier, I've coded the links to open in a new browser window. You'll therefore find the links opening a new window. When you're done with a post, just close the window and you'll go back to the window with the list of links. If you've had enough and want to go back to the "proper" blog order, click on the "home" link.

You will notice that in the early days of the blog no one knew it existed, and for that reason there are no comments on the posts. If you feel like posting a comment, don't be shy, go ahead. I'll even respond when I get a chance.


Fast forward to January 7, 2013

It seems that, based on the page view statistics to date, this page does fill a need for some.

Not surprisingly, the page with the most page views is the Gear Posts page. Of the six blog pages I have added, this one ranks four out of six in terms of popularity. It has therefore earned the addition of the 2012 posts in chronological or book order, which you'll find have been added below.


Fast forward to January 6, 2014

Another year flies by and it's time to update this page with the 2013 posts in chronological order. It's a chore, but a chore worth doing. The major highlights of 2013 were the purchase of a new bigger Vespa, a 2010 Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super, the sale of my Vespa LX 150, and the launch of the 2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour.


Fast forward to March 15, 2015

2014 was a very difficult year punctuated with the passing of Bob Leong and great sorrow. Out of that grief, an incredible living tribute was born: the amazing travels of ScooterBob. Read about the odyssey by clicking here. It was also the year when the ScootCommute jumped the pond and Roland, Sonja and I spent a glorious day riding in Tuscany.


Fast forward to December 29, 2015

For once, I'm really on top of things, and I've managed to add the 2015 journal posts in chronological order, and the year is not even finished. There might even be an additional post or two. 2015 was a year of sea changes. An early retirement happened in July that wasn't planned or even evident when the year began; I learned to ride a Harley Davidson and a Triumph Bonneville in Florida with Michael as my guide; a big Honda cruiser that is co-owned by Sonja and I was added to the stable; I met Jim Mandle and Stephanie Yue and we toured the Adirondacks; Sonja, Roland and Ed came to visit; Susan and I traveled to Jasper Park Lodge, Vancouver and Maui; our eldest son Jonathan was married; our second-born son Andrew became engaged to be married; I tackled the major facelift and redesign for this journal; the passing of my father. There is every reason to believe that 2016 will be almost as tumultuous.


Fast forward to March 6, 2017

I was kind of thinking that I was really, really remiss for not bringing this chronology up to date, but looking back, I see that I have been this slow in the past. This year my excuse is that vlogging has been taking up a lot of my time. Given enough time though, I can be relied on to deliver.

2016 was a year of unbelievable change. Moving to a new city in a new province with all that entails is no small achievement. From where I sit now, in a new house, with almost all the necessary renovations done, I am amazed at what Susan and I have accomplished in so little time. In the course of that year, our son Andrew was married, our daughter Lauren was engaged, I got to do a number of club rides with the Toronto Moto Scooter Club and discovered even more of Ontario in the company of my friend Ed.

So far, while 2017 is still in its infancy, the big news is the addition of the video blog. Click here for a separate chronology and links to the vlog.

Finally, I ran through the html coding on this page and really cleaned the crap out of it. If there's one thing I hate it's cluttered code. To get the information from the blog into this chronological format, I need to copy the blog archive on the right side of the page, paste it into Excel and perform some magic to get the list into chronological order, then paste the fixed list into Word in order to lose the table formatting, then paste the Word formatted list into Blogger, then copy the disgusting pile of unnecessary html junk (a ton of style sheet nonsense) that Word gleefully added, then paste the html code into my code editor (Atom), then use the fantastic search and replace feature to strip out all the crud including a bunch of table encoding left over from a past year's effort.

It was a lot of work, but... it's worth it.

Thanks to Atom, for this go-round I also went back in time and fixed all 564 html hypertext links to make sure that they all open in a fresh tab in your browser, and then I added in line breaks to make the whole thing easier on the eyes. Much better.


Fast forward to May 2, 2020

I just invested a few hours updating the chronological order to bring it up to date, and I tweaked it by adding some dashed-lines to make the years easier to find, and I also added the year to each month. Those changes should make following the chronology a little easier.

As I mentioned in the previous update notes, this should be quick and easy, but it's not really for the faint of heart. It really helps to be able to read HTML because otherwise, I can't imagine how I'd be able to do this. Hopefully someone out there in the World Wide Web appreciates the effort.

My shift to vlogging means fewer posts, and that makes this chore a little lighter.

What would really help is if Microsoft made it a lot easier to copy and paste back and forth from HTML to Excel and Word. Each time you paste from a Microsoft tool into an HTML environment you get a TON of entirely useless HTML code dumped into your projet. Sheesh.

So what has changed since 2017?

For one thing the massive changes that Susan and I threw ourselves into have stabilized into the new normal. Our new home is now truly home, and it really works for us, on every level. We couldn't ask for a better place to live.

We now are blessed with two, yes two, grandchildren. We have Kaia in Vancouver, and Leiana here in Toronto. What a joy!

I wrote and passed the Ontario Bar exams in 2018, and I now have the privilege of practicing law in two of the largest provinces in Canada. My modest semi-retirement practice sometimes keeps me a tad busier than would be ideal, but the unquestionable upside is that Susan and I are very secure and Susan has that extra bit of financial freedom that allows us to indulge her travel bug without concerns for affordability. In fact, Susan is so confident, she is thinking that we could spend a year or so exploring Europe from a pied-à-terre in Tuscany or Provence. The good news for us is that my practice is basically virtual and untethered, so I can practice law here, but from anywhere.

As I write this, our tiny planet is in the grip of an unprecedented pandemic. While we can afford to travel, we are locked down in our (thankfully cushy) home. As soon as the pandemic loosens its grip, I think we'll hop on a flight to Vancouver. After that, all bets are off. I suspect that we are soon going to start planning that year in Europe. It won't be simple. Finding a place to rent in Europe, finding a tenant for our home here, figuring out a car for a year in Europe, visas, what to take with us, what to do with the stuff we leave behind... exciting but also a little daunting.


Fast forward to July 17, 2023

Another update to this chronological list of posts. I have to say, it is not easy. So manual in fact, that by the time I was done, I was pretty fed up with the tediousness of it.

So it's been a tad more than three years since I have done this housekeeping. Not so bad really, it makes me feel a little sheepish for complaining. I am actually glad that I can figure out how to do it. Every time I do it, I don't remember how I did it the last time, so I start from scratch. In editing this page once I was done with the list of posts, I went over the narrative. I should have started there. The past me left some semi-helpful notes. Here's what I need without the old me's help. It involved copying from the blog chronology, pasting into Excel, redoing the sequencing, copying again, pasting into the Word, shaking off the table formatting, copying again, pasting into Atom to shake off the Word formatting, copying again, pasting into the Blogger editor but in the HTML view to avoid a ridiculous excess and unnecessary HTML code dump, switching back to the editor view, and then tediously copying and pasting in all the hypertext links, one post at a time, then cross-checking to make sure I didn't get anything wrong. Phew. With a little help from the past me, I could have rescued the hypertext links in Atom. Oh well, live and learn.

OK, that's really enough complaining.

So what's new?

Well the 'year-in-Europe' thing seems off the table for now. When the concept of an extended stay comes up, it now sounds like 'months-in-Europe, maybe a little more feasible, but still not being actively planned. In the meantime we had a mostly great trip to France last fall (minus Susan's bicycle-in-a-cave and fractured clavicle mishap), and this coming fall we are off to Spain's Costa del Sol (we loved it in 2018, so here we go again!), and to Lisbon (a first). We are now blessed to have all our kids in Toronto with us (Jonathan+Vicky, Andrew+Anuschka, Lauren+Harris), and now blessed as well with four wonderful grandchildren, all girls, all super cute (Kaia, Leianna, Nevéa, and Sloane). My Vespa and motorbike riding days are now behind me... but... my life on two wheels is still alive and thriving, though now it's rolling along on a Brompton folding bike. I have ridden with it on the west coast along the ocean, on the east coast along the ocean, and in Montreal. What a joy. So far, as I write this, I have logged well over 2,700 kilometres of daily on morning exercise rides, not counting the previously-mentioned adventures out-of-town. Tomorrow morning's ride will take me into the 2,800's. Oh, and last August I bought a 2012 Mini Cooper S Cabriolet, manual shift. What a blast to drive. My Brompton happily rides in the back seat courtesy of some padding to protect the upholstery and a ROK strap to make sure it doesn't jump ship. With the convertible top down it's easy to plop the Brompton in, and to pluck it out.

I discovered a few years back that I am more or less working full time again. The challenge for me now is figuring out when to "re-retire".  I don't have an answer yet.

All things considered, Susan and I are living charmed lives.

Please enjoy the journal! 

If you wish to go to end of the post list, to go to the most recent post, click here.


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Runnin' errands

▼ November 2015 (3)

Been fiddlin'


Life and death at the crossroads

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Comfort food: Heirloom spaghetti and meatballs

Winter ride

On a December roll

Lunch with Peter and Mike

Rider profile: Mike Fritz

The laws of nature vs the nature of laws

Music and images

With the help of the Empire, I strike back

Greetings for Christmas 2015, and New Years 2016


▼ 2016 (71)

▼ January 2016 (7)

Vespa Club of Canada

Bright, bright lights on a waning winter's day

I'm sewing again

Big Move to the Big Smoke (and mirrors)

Hum a happy tune, move like a hillbilly

We interrupt our regular programming...

Operation Empty Nest - Vignettes from behind the lines

▼ February 2016 (9)

ToadMama's Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge (now with BBBC # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

ToadMama's Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge (BBBC #7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 , 13, 14, and 15)

Operation Empty Nest - The Great 2016 Real Estate War

2016 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Meeting legends

2016 Blogger to Blogger Tour - But just not now


A Friday to forget

ToadMama's Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge (BBBC # 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28)

ToadMama's Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge (BBBC # 29)

▼ March 2016 (11)

Delibee - a hidden treasure

The beginning begins

The end is near

Weak bladder

Light, space, pixels, paper, steel :art:

Project report: Installing Hot Grips™ heated grips on a Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super

Bell Canada

Roast prime rib

Sonja's Big Move

I am a wrencher!

Au revoir mes amis! Helllloooo!

▼ April 2016 (4)

Smoke Meat Pete

Cardboard hell, or "where's the kettle?"

A magnus fumus usque ad udo litore

Settling in

▼ May 2016 (6)

Birds of a feather

Mission: Exfil Thunderbird

Finding Thunderbird

Nosy neighbour

A long, long ride home

I visit a wizard, and go for a second group ride

▼ June 2016 (6)

Weird, peculiar, puzzling stuff rattling around my brain



Rider profile: Ed Thomas

Smoque N' Bones

It's a small world, after all

▼ July 2016 (3)

The Quest

Scribbled1 - Alternative PokéGame

Elmhirst's resort

▼ August 2016 (5)

Scribbled - Corner office

Garbled - No longer!

The 2016 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Parking, starting over from scratch

Surfing a wave

▼ September 2016 (6)

Bluetooth adventures with Ed and David

ART and a hot Vespa

ART waking up the city!

A cure for the hots!

Rockin' the DGR!

An eyewitness account of Toronto's 2016 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

▼ October 2016 (6)

Aliens among us!

Scribbled - Vespas hauling stuff

Free lunch, of a sort...

Rider profile: Steve Liard


A place to call...

▼ November 2016 (6)

Scary story

Canadians are a rare breed

Requiem for an epoch

Fall riff

Life after snow?


▼ December 2016 (2)

Scribbled - Voting in a Democracy

31 days...


▼ 2017 (36)

▼ January 2017 (2)

So what the hell am I up to?

Leap of faith

▼ February 2017 (4)

I hit the road, Jack

Rider profile: Ken Wilson

Rider profile: Bill Leuthold

Hangin' with legends

▼ March 2017 (4)

Coasting for oysters: Lostboater's Oyster Tour

Unexpected recognition: Top 100!

The people you meet


▼ April 2017 (4)

Is it possible?

Ken Wilson and the Oyster Tour wrap up

Rider profile: Dar Duncan

Catching up with Dar Duncan

▼ May 2017  (2)


eXpReSsIoN - Part one

▼ June 2017  (4)

ExPrEsSiOn - Conclusion

Hmmmmm.... butter tarts!

Godmorgon to you, and Odensvik!

Father's Day and Vespas

▼ July 2017  (3)

Canada: 150 years young!

Stutter, stall and a Texas strut

Vimy Ridge, so close to home

▼ August 2017  (1)

The bike that quacks me up!

▼ September 2017  (4)


Conchscooter prevails with panache!!!

Parts are fun!

The 2017 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

▼ October 2017  (5)

Requiem for a Vespa

1K klicks in the Sticks

Riding a Zombie

A conversation with Steve Williams

I broke my 40 year-old Ray Bans!!!

▼ November 2017  (3)

Vespa, TREE-ed!!!

The Great Post-it Tab Hack

Ephemera circa 2017


▼ 2018 (17)

▼ January 2018 (1)

New Year, HUGE challenge

▼ February 2018 (2)

Taking stock: truth, mayhem, and death

My brain strain...

▼ April 2018 (3)

Tom and the Terribly Tempting Terrific Tesla Model 3

Ken's at it again! So's Bill!

Terror incident

▼ July 2018 (5)

Thunderbird takes a wing

Wrapties are here!

Playing with fire!

A heartfelt apology

2018 Isle de Wolfe Scooter Rally

▼ August 2018 (1)

You always pay a price

▼ September 2018 (3)

Going out on another limb

Catching Ms. Yue

The unicorn fridge, Ikea, and a Vespa

▼ October 2018 (1)

Travel, and Travel with Parosites

▼ November 2018 (1)

Democracy needs you


▼ 2019 (6)

▼ February 2019 (1)

A new beginning

▼ March 2019 (1)

A fairytale come true

▼ May 2019 (1)

A new season, a new ride

▼ July 2019 (1)

Go brand yourself!!

▼ December 2019 (2)

What's my excuse...

Still thinking...


▼ 2020 (15)

▼ February 2020 (1)

GoPro Clusterffffffail!!!

▼ March 2020 (2)

Vlogging: iPod or GoPro, OR BOTH?? Welcome to my studio

Donald Trump and the Coronavirus

▼ April 2020 (1)

The Amazing Ms. Yue

▼   September 2020 (1)

2019 and 2020 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

▼  October 2020 (5)

Time to transform, again

... and now the reveal!

Everything's coming up Brompton!

Running errands in the rain

Some thoughts...

▼  November 2020 (2)

My awesome new sit-stand desk

The 2020 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, that wasn't

▼  December 2020 (3)

A different kind of Christmas celebration

Taking stock as a new year looms

Art therapy for the 2020 blues

▼  2021  (7)

▼  January 2021 (2)

No caller ID... a tiny act of kindness

The story of life on two wheels

▼  February 2021 (2)

What's with branding and logos?

Guess what?

▼  March 2021 (1)

Bromptons in the house!!!

▼  April 2021 (1)

Brompton phone mounts

▼  June 2021 (1)

You need a Brompton rack... and the reasons may surprise you


▼  2022  (7)

▼  September 2022 (1)

Another intersection

▼  November 2022 (3) 

Building habits

Time to hibernate

Cold hands? No more! 

▼  December 2022 (3)

On the brink, the cusp, the verge... 

The P2 Loop

Another year ends


▼  2023 (33) 

▼  February 2023 (4) 

Raising kids

Bicycle Man

February 2023

Pedal strikes 

▼  March 2023 (4)

"Good morning"

What's a million?



▼  April 2023 (1) 

Flaming Roseway 

▼  May 2023 (8) 

The end of an era


Go with the flow 

Flat Friday 

Mother's Day


2 B's and a F

Little bit of a morning stretch

▼  June 2023 (3)

Trashcan solutions

Cool tools!

Sling shots

▼  July 2023 (1)

On a failed path to discovery

▼  August 2023 (5)

Reasons to ride

I did it!

Flat Monday

Too old to ride?

▼  September 2023 (3)

▼  October 2023 (1)

▼  November 2023 (2)


▼  December 2023 (1)

Happy Holidays!!


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