This journal in chronological order

The most usable format for a blog, and the one you'd want if you are a regular visitor, is the dog pile version.  The one with the most recent post on top, and the remainder falling away in reverse chronological order.  In that way, a blog is the opposite of a book.

Every now and then, especially for new readers, you want to see how the blog began.  It's not that hard to read a blog in reverse, that is to say, in the same order as a book.  But it's not convenient.

You have to keep clicking on the "older posts" link, or mess with the blog archive list, and eventually keep having to fiddle with it again, and then you still have to keep clicking around, and, well, it's really not convenient.

If you want to have a look at this blog in chronological order (initially it was the first two years' worth but every January I add the previous year's posts), here is the post list in book order.  In a bid to make this even easier, I've coded the links to open in a new browser window.  You'll therefore find the links opening a new window.  When you're done with a post, just close the window and you'll go back to the window with the list of links.  If you've had enough and want to go back to the "proper" blog order, click on the "home" link.

You will notice that in the early days of the blog no one knew it existed, and for that reason there are no comments on the posts.  If you feel like posting a comment, don't be shy, go ahead.  I'll even respond when I get a chance.


Fast forward to January 7, 2013

It seems that, based on the page view statistics to date, this page does fill a need for some.

Not surprisingly, the page with the most page views is the Gear Posts page.  Of the six blog pages I have added, this one ranks four out of six in terms of popularity.  It has therefore earned the addition of the 2012 posts in chronological or book order, which you'll find have been added below.


Fast forward to January 6, 2014

Another year flies by and it's time to update this page with the 2013 posts in chronological order.  It's a chore, but a chore worth doing. The major highlights of 2013 were the purchase of a new bigger Vespa, a 2010 Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super, the sale of my Vespa LX 150, and the launch of the 2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour.


Fast forward to March 15, 2015

2014 was a very difficult year punctuated with the passing of Bob Leong and great sorrow.  Out of that grief, an incredible living tribute was born: the amazing travels of ScooterBob.  Read about the odyssey by clicking here.  It was also the year when the ScootCommute jumped the pond and Roland, Sonja and I spent a glorious day riding in Tuscany.


Fast forward to December 29, 2015

For once, I'm really on top of things, and I've managed to add the 2015 journal posts in chronological order, and the year is not even finished. There might even be an additional post or two. 2015 was a year of sea changes. An early retirement happened in July that wasn't planned or even evident when the year began; I learned to ride a Harley Davidson and a Triumph Bonneville in Florida with Michael as my guide; a big Honda cruiser that is co-owned by Sonja and I was added to the stable; I met Jim Mandle and Stephanie Yue and we toured the Adirondacks; Sonja, Roland and Ed came to visit; Susan and I traveled to Jasper Park Lodge, Vancouver and Maui; our eldest son Jonathan was married; our second-born son Andrew became engaged to be married; I tackled the major facelift and redesign for this journal; the passing of my father. There is every reason to believe that 2016 will be almost as tumultuous.

Please enjoy!

▼ 2010 (55)
▼ March (3)
Getting started...
Commuting strategy: picking a route
Selecting a scooter
▼ April (10)
Finding a scooter to buy
Scooter modifications
The first commute
A troublesome failure
A final modification
Urban renewal
Why I ride
Scootless commutes
Late April snow
Stewart Hall
▼ May (7)
Breakfast break
Mercier bridge
Speed: distance over time
Summer heat at last!!
Other fair weather sports
▼ June (6)
Tough week
Twists and turns
Fuel for the soul
Father and son ride
Forest & Stream
First group ride
▼ July (8)
Ile Bizard
Dorval Island
Science and scenery
Scoot Commute Boogie
Morning bagels
Old Lachine Canal
▼ August (11)
Croissants & café au lait
Morning Glory
More... food!
Weather for ducks
Mercier bridge
Pleasant surprises
What to read if you ride
▼ September (3)
Scooter Cannonball
▼ October (2)
Wrap up in sight
October commutes
▼ November (5)
Ode to Steve Williams
58 Lessons learned in year one of the scoot commut...
More lessons learned...
... still more lessons...
It's a wrap!

▼ 2011 (80)
▼ January (2)
Winter modifications, Chapter 1
Getting ready for the 2011 riding season
▼ February (2)
Winter modifications, Chapter 2
To stick, or not to stick, that's the question
▼ March (8)
It's almost time
First ride of the season
Launch - 7
Caged commutes & scoots
Happy First-Post Day!
First commute of 2011
Auxiliary Modulating Brake Light
▼ April (5)
WOT to the Bridge
Project report: Installing an a...
Life in the slow lane
Lofty thoughts
Finally Free in DC
▼ May (8)
Spring and the promise of summer
Dealing with the weather
The wonders of scenery
Team breakfast
What you see...
More about bridges
Too good not to share
▼ June (7)
Market Lunch
Visiting Vampires
Gawkers' Paradise + Need for Speed
Thoughts on my windshield
Toronto Rocks!!!
Monday June 20 is Ride to Work Day!
Scratch that :(
▼ July (11)
Business and pleasure
Lachine Village
This bridge won't burn!
Crazy ... hazy days of summer
Night Ride
One of these things does not belong
Planes, trains and automobiles
The things you see
Saturday joyride
The evolution of parking
▼ August (10)
The benefit of experience
August bliss
Another bridge(s)
Sunrise on Lake St-Louis
First long distance ride
The Jacques Bizard bridge
Secrets of Île Perrot
Secure your helmet
Irene's wake
The ride home
▼ September (5)
Memories of Expo 67
Ray Bans©
Crossing the canal
Pointe Claire Yacht Club
Milestone looming!
▼ October (13)
Commuting in the fall
Morning in Pointe Claire
The Westmount Lookout
A peak behind the curtain
I couldn't resist
The Senneville Time Warp
Drawing to a close...
Faster, and Fastest!
A thread in the fabric of time
Hit the road Jack!
▼ November (6)
You know it's cold when...
Too many questions; not nearly enough answers
Nibbles for the kaffee klatsch
T'is the season to be modding...
To sleep, perchance to dream
Making friends with Alessandro Volta, James Watt, ...
▼ December (7)
Preliminary semi-scientific conclusions
How and Why I got into Motorbikes
An ounce of prevention
Holiday spirit
I took the plunge!
Happy New Year!!

▼ 2012 (96)
▼ January (6)
Hot choice
Winter blues? Take a hike! Buy a Vespa!
Net {silenced}
Here at last!
Hiatus: for readers only
Who cares?
▼ February (6)
Major set back (Aarrrrgh!!!)
Rick Snyder's Cannonball Run
More... of the things you see
Light at the end of the tunnel?
▼ March (11)
Yay! The end is near...
Project report: Installing Hot Grips™ heated grip...
A challenge?
And... we're off!!
The ride home
Day three
How to tell when it's unseasonably hot
That's more like it
It's all about the gear
Another milestone, belated
Got to make more room...
▼ April (11)
Art or science?
Home: Going and coming
Windy ride!
So, sew
Montreal landmarks
Rick's Ride A:H
On a wing and a prayer
GoPro: Take II
▼ May (14)
Expressway leg
Visiting L.A. has its perks!
iTravel, iBlog, iLike!
California dreaming
Wheelers and Dealers
Wocket in your Pocket Challenge
Hot Grips Update
Welcome to the wet coast, welcome to paradise!
Mug shot
Intro to paradise
Bob's favorite haunts
Friday night madness
Vancouver Bloggers Rock & Roll!
▼ June (6)
Superman had his phonebooth...
Another year, more happiness
Return to normal
Your ride challenge
The evolution of Muvbox
Views from the saddle
▼ July (10)
Improvements on all fronts
This is how it all begins...
Scooters at the Petersen
Here at last :)
One more reason to visit Montreal this summer
Darlene's Foot Gear Challenge
A glimpse of heaven
More piece of mind
Steve Canyon
▼ August (13)
Fraternal twins
Grey is beautiful too!
Weather watch
The Pointe Claire windmill
What is it, really?
Lunchtime trifecta
Parking in Toronto
Pump it up!
Parking in Vancouver
The end of the road
Fun on four wheels
Taking care of business
▼ September (5)
Windshield - Take three
Too late for Martha... too early for Martha
Alternatives: not all black and white
It only takes a few minutes
Too @#%^# busy to post...
▼ October (7)
Fall colors
Million Mile Monday
Another milestone looms
End of season ritual
Help ! I'm trapped in David's Spam Cellar
I made it.
Hurricane Hiatus
▼ November (6)
And now for a change of pace
Cold weather is here
Black arts
A reader asks about bridges
A package from far, far away...
Friends, and long distance
▼ December (1)
One more time...

▼ 2013 (101)
▼ January (7)
Preparing for adventure
Tying one on...
A reader asks about scooters and potholes
Making good
Saturday night in Canada...
Comfort, out of the blue!
Guilty pleasure
▼ February (7)
Satellites and Vespas, iPhones and Nuvis, Senas an...
Soon time to say "Hello... goodbye"
Slow and steady
The birth and evolution of an icon
Halfway there
▼ March (3)
Call me crazy!
The ultimate word on tie-downs
▼ April (11)
A new day, a new season, a new ride
Hmmm... a collection?
I don't name my rides
First commute
ScootCommute's Believe it, or Not!
Geezers and gaskets
Can commuting be blissful?
Weekend find
Project report: Installing ScooterWest LED running...
▼ May (11)
A good use for the Vespa GTS side stand
Project report: Installing dual 12 volt power outl...
Mission... possible!
Mother's Day on the Amalfi coast
Automotive news: Italian vehicle proximity sensor
What to do in Rome?
Italian icons
I picked up another Vespa GTS 300 ie, in Rome
Project report: Installing an Admore Lighting auxi...
Farkle, meaning
Project report: Installing a Stebel Nautilus Compa...
▼ June (8)
High octane question?
Birthplace of the Scootcommute
Distance challenges
Recreational vehicle
Kickin' it nu skool
Reporting for duty, Sir!
Inflection: explore, explorer; discover, discovers...
▼ July (18)
Play Misty for me
Guilty, or not guilty
Coming down to the wire
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Kickoff and day one...
Rider profile: Peter Sanderson
Dawn in State College, Pennsylvania
Rider profile: Dave Blackburn
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Toronto to State Co...
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Fun and Games in St...
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - R&R
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Gettin' outta Dodge...
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Coasting
Rider profile: Ed Kilner
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - The last day for me...
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - The long ride home
Settling back into a normal routine
Rider profile: Paul Ruby
Rider profile: Steve Williams
▼ August (8)
Rain delay
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Montreal leg, part ...
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Montreal leg, part ...
Rider Profile: Mike Torrusio
So long!
Rider profile: Tom Keene
Foggy morning
▼ September (10)
Rider profile: Sonja Mager
Project report: Installing a top case rack
Rider profile: Roland Mager
2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Epilogue and lesson...
Rider profile: Dave Dixon
What do you think?
Tips on refueling a Vespa GTS
Alternative secure helmet storage
Late September Sunday Magic
▼ October (12)
Rider profile: Bob Lush
Kindness and generosity
Rider profile: Danielle Vallée
There's a Maniac Laughing at me
Lunch with Bob
Westward, the wet coast beckons
Breakfast with Bob
Fishy goings on
Rider profile: David Masse
Late October commute
▼ November (4)
Think big, not small
The thrill is gone...
Let the shopping begin
▼ December (2)
One Hundred
The outlook for 2014

▼ 2014 (94)
▼ January (7)
Pairings for wishes, not fishes
Earned my wings
First step in a long project
Transitions, without a net
Hear, hear!
New Lid!!
Crazy plans
▼ February (6)
Project report: Installing Heaterz brand heated gr...
Project report: Discrete electric garage door remo...
Stuck in neutral...
Gone fishin'
Vespas, Cryptography, Bitcoins, Patches, and Me
▼ March (10)
Dar, there's no end in sight
Dar, I found it!
Project report: Installing a Sena SMH10 Bluetooth ...
Life's pleasures
Underground art
Walk a mile in my shoes...
Another weekend, another dump :(
I can't resist...
Unique patch collection up for grabs
▼ April (9)
Spring road assessment
Calling cards
Out of the barn: a trifecta of creature comforts
First commute of 2014
What a difference six months makes
Hanging with the devil
Spam anyone?
2014 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Tuscan Loop
A winning bid!
▼ May (7)
Tuscan Loop - What to pack
Tuscan Loop - What to wear?
Tuscan Loop - Guess who came to dinner?
Tuscan Loop - Venetian Prelude
Tuscan Loop - Gearing up
Tuscan Loop - Volterra
Tuscan Loop - San Gimignano
▼ June (11)
Tuscan Loop - The Return
Tuscan Loop - Museo Piaggio
Tuscan Loop - Farewell
Motor Madness Month
Tuscan Loop - Epilogue and lessons learned
Black and blue
Meet Stephanie Yue
Triple Crown revisited
Service with a smile, and a shine!
▼ July (11)
"... this used to be fields..."
21st century life
A sunbird's summer travels with humans
A fairly typical week
Rider profile: Michael Beattie
Ride to the land of fire
Two speeds, many modes
The Vespa Effect
Making an impression
Tokens of appreciation
Raising the roof, again
▼ August (9)
On a roll
Still on a roll!
Rider profile: Howard Yegendorf
Good for the grass... and Civics
A lesson in MV
Foul weather work-around
The kill switch
The sound of music
▼ September (10)
I sprang a leak. So did Andrew.
Change of pace
Rider profile: Bill Breen
Banff: from the ridiculous to the sublime
Bob Leong
A loving tribute to a great man, Bob Leong
Full of surprises
Nature's veil
ScooterBob hits the road, Jack!
Repairs - Part one
▼ October (6)
Repairs - Part two
Endlessly useful
What's in the glove box?
▼ November (5)
Amateur Mechanic Discovers a New Trick & Pay Back ...
A season's end
Cold weather commute
Tales of the end, and Vespanomics
▼ December (3)
Among the joys of ModernVespa
Taking a break; making some plans
My very best wishes for the holidays!

▼  2015 (55)
▼  January (4)
Unbounded generosity
Motorcycle House
Product review: Viking Cycle Stealth textile ridin...
Winter doldrums: Key West!!
▼  February (2)
How size matters to me, or the Slippery Slope
Comfort zones
▼  March (5)
An interesting alternative for inter-continental t...
Cruise wear - Product review: Motorcycle House Ang...
Black Betty's homecoming
▼  April (7)
Dilettante to professional in 50 easy steps
Stuck in neutral
Spring sprang
The sun's won...
First commute of the 2015 season
Almost honkin' there
Few and far between
▼  May (5)
What happened to spring?
Station W
Hof Kelsten
Black Betty gets to work
Fuente Baena
▼  June (5)
Time to breathe
Jim's Adirondacks
A last commute
Rocket and me
▼  July (4)
Rider profile: Jim Mandle
Project report: Installing Viking Lammelar saddleb...
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Ms. Quezzie, I pres...
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Departure
▼  August (6)
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Adirondack Museum t...
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Steve, Tom, Craig a...
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour - the Kilner Interlud...
Rider profile - Stephanie Yue
I knocked; the universe answered
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour - The Magers are here...
▼  September (5)
The ScootCommute on CITY TV
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour: Safe travels
Project report - Installing heated grips on a Hond...
Toying with Templates; Flirting with Failure
2015 Blogger to Blogger Tour - Epilogue, and lesso...
▼  October (1)
Runnin' errands
▼  November (3)
Been fiddlin'
Life and death at the crossroads
▼  December (8)
Comfort food: Heirloom spaghetti and meatballs
Winter ride
On a December roll
Lunch with Peter and Mike
Rider profile: Mike Fritz
The laws of nature vs the nature of laws
Music and images
With the help of the Empire, I strike back
The copyright in all text and photographs, except as noted, belongs to David Masse.