Thursday, August 7, 2014

On a roll

A little while ago, on a Tuesday, I met up with Carl.

Carl used to be a Vespista, now he's a BMW R1200GS kind of guy.

Carl sold me my GTS last March.

He sure was happy to see me.  On second thought, was it seeing his first moto-love that accounted for the gleam in his eye?

We met at Mubox in the Old Port.

We traded touring stories over lunch.  Carl took the Maritimes by storm on his beemer last year... twice!  Once in September, and again in October.  He raved about the salt air, the empty highways, the charming folks he met.  He's likely to do it again.  He thinks I should do it too.

He wanted to know all about the 2013 Blogger to Blogger Tour, and how his GTS had fared on such a long and ambitious trip.  I was more than happy to oblige.

We also talked about GoPros.

Carl didn't yet have one, and someone in his circle of friends had some unkind things to say about it.  I explained how I use it, and added my two cents.  I'm a fan.  I believe the latest GoPro Hero has many features I would love to have.  Carl says he found a deal at $350 for the top-of-the-line GoPro.

All the chatter didn't prevent us from enjoying the excellent and very generous lobster rolls and New England clam chowder (as opposed to Manhattan clam chowder, or any of the other variants listed on Wikipedia).
When all was said and done, we shoved off and went our separate ways.
Yesterday morning I returned to snap a few more pictures of these shipping container transformer restaurants. It was the first time I saw them in their container shape. When they blossom and the bits fold out and the transformation takes place and crowds of hungry people surround them, it's not all clear that they can button back up into their container alter egos.


RichardM said...

"Vespista" is the singular version of "Vespisti" according to the Internet. (I had never heard the term before)

So, is there another trip in the works this coming fall? And your lobster roll looks way better than the Vancouver lobster sandwich posted on another site...

Unknown said...


Re: unkind things about GoPro Hero "first version". I can relate to the unfriendly UI with hard to figure out cryptic menu system and not knowing if it were on or off as the screen was on the front.

Mostly it is user error as to turning it on and holding the button too long and it would switch modes. so easier to blame the GoPro than yourself

I guess you didn't get the hint . . . he graduated from the Vespa to the Beemer. There is nothing like changing gears and screaming through the corners

Those lobster rolls looked very tasty. You'll have to go to the Maritimes to check them out and make a comparison

bob: riding the wet coast

David Masse said...

Oops... thanks Richard for catching that. Now corrected.

The lobster rolls were very, very good indeed.

David Masse said...

Bob, I have to admit to playing a game lately... If I were to 'graduate' as you put it, what would I graduate to?

In the running are a BMW GS, or maybe something badder, like Sonja's Harley. As easy as it was to choose a Vespa, choosing a motorcycle is so much harder.

SonjaM said...

David, you are a Vespista by heart, and there is no need to "graduate" to a motorcycle. I believe it is just the other way round, you can only graduate to a Vespa ;-)
But coming to think of it I could definitely picture you on a Wide Glide.

Unknown said...


you know there was a scooter meltdown here in Vancouver. We have no dealers and I tried to break into the group. I even bought a Lambretta to belong and then there is the vintage against the CVT. they don't want the TNG, then there are the mechanics agains the ones who pay for service. No one talks to each other and in fact even though I was friendly I got bad mouthed and was told in Victoria at the last scooter rally we went to, to not bother coming back again. The Vespa people picked on us, Told Dar to leave and told us that all of us were not welcome.

In disgust I sold all my scooters at a loss and I don't intend to buy another one. I just don't understand that all the people I did favours for don't even know that I exist. I never posted this stuff before but it kills me. It is not that I don't like Vespas but I could never ride one here

I am sure you know about some of this

bob: riding the wet coast

David Masse said...

I was at the dealer yesterday. The nut that holds the clutch had worked its way loose with the result that the bike would no longer shift to neutral. While I waited for the final diagnosis and repair, I chatted at length with a customer. He had owned two motorcycles. He didn't name brands. One was a 650, the other a 700.

He was shopping scooters, considering either a Vespa 300, or a Honda Silverwing, maybe a Burgman. He hadn't quite given up on the idea of a motorcycle. He was leaning heavily towards the Vespa.

Like me he's planning to commute downtown, and Vespas are really ideal commuters. My Vespa is really well suited to 90% of my needs.

A motorcycle would be fun though.

David Masse said...

I know the story, and it's odd for sure.

At the same Vespa dealer yesterday, which now sells only Vespa, I was surprised by the number of motorcycles in for service. Big honda and Yamaha cruisers.

I guess good mechanics attract good bikes.

Montreal seems more laid back than Vancouver, oddly, at least in terms of moto culture.

The sportbike dudes are still a class of their own though.

VStar Lady said...

Lovin' the food containers ... brings a new slant to the idea of food truck (that's serious truckin!)
Hope you got the Vespa repaired in a timely way.

Unknown said...


SEE, what did I tell you . . . you need a spare bike

bob: riding the wet coast

David Masse said...

Timely yes, and not too big a dent in the wallet.

Basically a nut needed to be torqued back down. The transmission got an inspection in the process and everything is shipshape.

With only two wheels and one cylinder, you've got to take maintenance seriously.

David Masse said...

You're such a devil. I was thinking you'd ship the Strom to Montreal and I would use my powers to make you mostly forget I had it.

Unknown said...


You could just take it and ride it back to Montreal. I could have a spare bike there and then I would have to impose upon you to keep the gas fresh, you know, use up the old stuff and fill with new stuff so it would be ready if I needed it. I know it's a big favour to ask. Next year would be a good year for you to do it.

bob: riding the wet coast

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