Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Lid!!

It's official!

I ordered a new Nolan N-104 helmet and a Sena SMH10 headset to go with it.

When I tried it on I fell instantly in love with it.  It's the latest iteration of Nolan's modular helmet and will replace my Nolan N-102 in daily use.

I don't want to say too much about it.  I won't get my hands on it for another three weeks or so, and I plan to do a much more detailed blog post then, including how well I do installing the Sena headset on it.  Richard has the same helmet and headset combination and has a very helpful post that will guide me in the installation.  Click here to get there.


RichardM said...

You'll like the Pinlock especially if you ride when it's cooler. No more frosting at least until it gets well below 0°F.

David Masse said...

Richard, I'm going to LOVE the pinlock!!

VStar Lady said...

David, I love ... I've listened to that voice often. Enjoy your new lid.

David Masse said...

Karen I agree, that's a great resource for gear reviews. When I bought my Tourmaster overpants their review was one reason I went that route.

For others who are interested, click here to go there.

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