Friday, June 30, 2017

Father's Day and Vespas

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Welcome to another episode of the Life on two wheels vlog.

Here are the detailed show notes.

Susan and I celebrated Father's Day with our kids. Lauren and Harris dropped by shortly after Lauren got in from a weekend trip to Montreal, Andrew and Anuschka face-timed us from Vancouver, and Jonathan and Vicky took us out to Barque Smokehouse on Roncesvalles in Toronto. That was delicious. I did a 'drone shot' of the food. The taste and flavours were every bit as awesome as the food looks in the footage.

I missed an opportunity to ride my Vespa in the parade organized as part of Italian Week in Ottawa. My good friend Peter initially thought he wouldn't be able to participate, but did manage to make it. The footage in this episode came courtesy of Peter. You can catch a fleeting glimpse of Peter leading the Vespa contingent in the paraade. Peter did a write-up on his blog that you'll find here.

The reason I was unable to attend was that I had a board of directors meeting in Oakville that morning. After the meeting one of my colleagues discussed the issue of critical thinking and how the ability to think critically is such a vital business skill, yet it is not on the curriculum at universities in  meaningful way. That's a shame. In this episode you'll hear the strategy I adopted with our kids to teach them one important aspect of critical thinking: critical listening. I like to think it was a success.

My find of the week was the massive dragon you can see nibbling on my ear. That was a truly a treat.

I wrap up this episode with a clip of me riding my Vespa east along Moore Avenue, then south on the Bayview Extension on my way to the regular Monday evening get together of the Toronto Moto Scooter Club.

The music for this episode is Nice to you by Vibe Tracks, courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.

There's a lot more to come in future episodes, so please stay tuned.


bocutter ed said...

You'll have to try Adamson BBQ one of these days ... or have you already seeing as it's close to the kidz. ¿Massive Dragon is in York Cemetary?

Steve Williams said...

You've highlighted the delightful secret of riding a Vespa -- exploring. I still don't understand why I don't do the same thing in a car but I just don't. Or at least not to the degree that it occurs with the scooter.

Looking forward to your visit. Have been thinking about various parts of the sticks. There's a lot of variety to choose from.

David Masse said...

Adamson is on my hit list Ed. Maybe you and I could do that the week after next.

You're right about that dragon by the way. It's tucked away discretely way off in the northwest corner in the back part acessible via the Senlac street entrance.

David Masse said...

Looks like the weather on Thursday is iffy. That could be a very good thing. Sometimes moody beats sunny.

Maybe fog :)

bocutter ed said...

Adamson is directly across the street from Bay 1&2. ;-) They are open Tues through Sat, but the 'rub' is only from 11am - 2pm or UNTIL THE FOOD IS GONE, which could be as early as 12:30. Just for giggles google ... pRepperoni, grassy knoll, jimmy hoffa, moon landing, etc

My dad has been in York since '86. Interesting Father's Day connection I suppose.

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