Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hmmmmm.... butter tarts!

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Welcome back to Life on two wheels!

In this episode of the vlog, a small band of intrepid scooter desperadoes from the Toronto Moto Scooter Club hits the road bright and early on an impossibly sunny Saturday morning and heads up north, way up north.

This ride was destined to be an eye opener on so many levels.

Wikipedia debunks the myth that Yonge street (where Susan and I live in the north end of Toronto) is the longest street in the world. I generally trust Wikipedia, so when I was about to head back home, and my GPS told me to "turn left on Yonge street" I felt like an explorer discovering something new about the planet. Wikipedia says categorically that Yonge street ends 80 kilometers north of Lake Ontario. Yet here I was, more than 150 kilometers north yet still on Yonge street!! Cool! The thrill of discovery!!

But that's nothing!

Any excuse is a good reason to swing your leg over a saddle and hit the road, destination irrelevant. But what if there was a prize at the end of the road? How about an annual butter tart festival? When I saw that on the club's news letter, I was SOLD!!

The ride up was just what a moto trip ought to be. There were some nice hills to give you that soaring feeling when you cross the ridge line, some really nice twisties that I failed to record, sweeping left and right arcs, and gorgeous green countryside along every mile.

The event in Midland was well worth the trip all on its own, including the guy riding the Emu, not to mention the sinfully good butter tarts.

I hope that the video does the ride justice.

And now for the credits:

The music for this episode is Clap Along by Audionautix which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) by the artist:  http://audionautix.com/. This is one of the many excellent royalty free music selections from the YouTube audio library.

Check out the comments on YouTube. The guy doing drum duty for the Canadian Legion bagpiper chimed in! How cool is that?


bocutter ed said...

2lb ... so how many did you (really) eat?

SonjaM said...

Funky music, I like it. Were the foodie goodies also available as non-butter-vegan-gluten free-tarts? You are making me so hungry.

Trobairitz said...

mmmm butter tarts. A favorite of Troubadour's. I used to make homemade ones, they weren't perfect unless the gooey center ran down your hand as you tried to eat them.

I have mad a vegan version before but they aren't quite the same.

David Masse said...

Here's the thing, it's not a low calorie diet, it's a low (no) carbohydrate diet (no, bread, potatoes, rice, sugar, etc.) The problem with that diet is that when you ingest carbs, your body stores the fat rather than burning it. That means that you lose fast, but it also means that you can gain fast too.

David Masse said...

Glad you like the music.

Every time I start a new video I start from scratch, including the music which I try to match to the video's intended mood. Finding perfect royalty-free music can be a challenge.

If there were non-butter, gluten-free tarts (which there may well have been), I wasn't looking for them.

The polar opposite were the bacon butter tarts. All sold out. That tells you something about the crowd that's attracted to this festival.

David Masse said...

Hmmmm... send the recipe to Sonja, though I suspect that it might have to be modified to meet the gluten-free bit.

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