Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The people you meet

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That's right, episode 5 of the vlog has landed.

Here are the show notes:

First off, I owe a huge thank you to Ken Wilson, Bill Leuthold, and Jim Mandle for their friendship, hospitality, and generosity in taking time out to show me around the Florida panhandle, and to Ken for lending me his new Vespa GTS. That kind of gift is truly priceless. 

The musical selections for this episode are once more from the excellent royalty-free YouTube audio library:
  • Humidity by Silent Partner; and
  • Bayou State of Mind by Jingle Punks
Historical information concerning the D-Day role played by Carrabelle beach can be found on Carrabelle's web site here.

The Harvey rusty truck collection is featured on Roadside America here.

The cycling travels of intrepid Mark Maga are documented on Mark's Facebook page. Mark also has a GoFundMe page here.

Here's a link to Dakotah Winery's web site, should you be near Chiefland Florida and care to drop in for a tasting.

Tony's Restaurant in Cedar Key is here, and you can even have their award-winning clam chowder shipped right to your front door. The Facebook page for 1842 Daily Grind is a click away, right here.

The next episode of Life on two wheels features a little interview with Ken Wilson, Vespa traveler extraordinaire and one of ModernVespa's legends.


redlegsrides said...

Yep, you were right Dave...about the ATGATT. :)

As to flying a Vespa....hooligan!

Nice sunset footage.

Bill Leuthold said...

I enjoyed it David. Of course, it helps make it interesting when I am in it. Nice work. As for ATGATT, I never ride without a helmet but for this little jaunt around the little town, I felt it would be ok. And it was.

David Masse said...

Thanks Dom, coming from you who regularly shoots some of the nicest sunsets anywhere on the 'net, that's very high praise indeed.

David Masse said...

Well Bill, I'm not quite as righteous as you are, but that might be only the fourth time I have ridden anywhere without a helmet, jacket, and gloves. All told, my total mileage unprotected might be less than a mile, including the Apalachicola architecture ride :)

Steve Williams said...

I can't fault you for not having ATGATT. There are situations where it doesn't matter. A glimpse at the speedometer had you at bicycle speeds. Besides -- you're in America. It's a free country to ride naked!

You sped past the flying part. I've flown but don't like doing it. I have visions of bad things.

Again, as in the past, I see a lot of work involved in your videos. Sort of makes my brain itch thinking about what you have to do. I'm happy to watch your episodes but so far I'm not feeling it for myself even though I would like to make one.

Looking forward to the last Florida episode. I do expect some reference or visual evidence of alligators. After all, at the end of the day, they're the only real reason to visit Florida...

David Masse said...

All the good alligators are further south Steve. I found some good ones a while back courtesy of Michael Beattie.

Oh, and I sped by the flyng stunt out of a misplaced sense of modesty.

The last episode should be up a little sooner than the last one was.

Dave aka fledermaus said...

Thanks for sharing, David. Good work on the video. Who knew scooting in Florida could be so interesting? OTOH, you had some great riding buddies. Funny I was only about 5 seconds ahead of you on the ATGATT. ;o) Nice t-shirt there too....

Did you get any grief over your accent?

David Masse said...

Dave I have to say riding 'naked' felt liberating. Thankfully Bill was dawdling along. Had he been in his speed demon mode I would have been praying for the ride to end.

Oh... I have an ACCENT???!!

Really? I didn't think I said "eh" even once. :)

Dave aka fledermaus said...

You didn't slip any "eh's" in for sure. Actually pretty subtle. You could have yelled "HAVEN'T YOU GOT A TIM HORTON'S AROUND HERE?!?!" Dead giveaway. ;o)

I've ridden naked around the block and a bit at Amerivespa here and there, and always feels strange....and a naughty delight. ;)

Yeah, Bill's a funny guy. Pretty chill until he's got the throttle open.... ;o) You got a good bunch to ride with.

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