Thursday, October 6, 2016

Scribbled - Vespas hauling stuff

Let's say you ride to the hardware store because, Vespa.

Well actually because you need some stuff to remediate the drippy thing that disposes of condensate from the heat exchanger thing-a-ma-jig on the home comfort system.

And let's say that you decide you need a four or five foot long piece of PVC. You kinda know you chose the Vespa over the SUV, but you feel that you need the PVC pipe, and so, what the hell, you buy it, because, well, Vespa.

Riding home I thought, what if I decided I needed an eight or even ten foot long section of PVC? I would have gone vertical.

You can haul telephone systems too. Oh, and by some accounts, Christmas trees.


redlegsrides said...

Or, you can hang a sidecar on it, get serious about hauling stuff.....important stuff like a keg of beer, bags of cement, dinner for 12, two week's worth of groceries...and if you're really good at packing and have lots of straps....all in one trip! :)

redlegsrides said...

Oh, the above load might exceed your GVWR, in which case, you'll need a URAL sidecar rig....1300lb GVWR baby! ;)

RichardM said...

With the 8' or 10' lengths, just add a red flag to the end and call it good enough. Or maybe a nice vespa-shaped trailer.

SonjaM said...

I have also seen some creative hauling (mostly bags and parcels) on Vespas, and did my fair share of creative transportation of grocery goods, too. But Steve's Christmas tree transport still is the best!

Trobairitz said...

That didn't stick out too far. Did it do some flexing while riding?

Trobairitz said...

Oh, and you could put a 8 to 10 ft piece out front of the handlebars jousting style.

David Masse said...

I've seen some really nice Vespa trailers.

I like the laid back 'just add a red flag' approach. Plus: it dusts the road as you ride. Civic pride :)

David Masse said...

I've also carried a large bouquet of long-stemmed flowers for Susan, hanging from the bag hook and protected from too much wind by the leg shield.

They really are very versatile haulers.

David Masse said...

No flexing cause most of the wind was inline with the pipe. That the pipe is a hollow tube must in some way contribute to stability.

The jousting style is begging to make the front page of the local paper as the trauma team struggles to remove the PVC from your abdomen (assuming it didn't take out vital organs on the way in of course).

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