Saturday, February 24, 2018

Taking stock: truth, mayhem, and death

Taking a minuscule break from my breakneck studying routine, because it's important.

Time is running short, so I'll be brief, and then follow my nose back into the books.

I have from time to time posted about politics. Last year I posted a vlog about truth. Prior to that I posted about the risks of the Trump presidency, here, and here.

I wasn't surprised when some thought I was overreacting, that things would never be that bad. After all, lies and meaningless bluster don't kill, right?

There are elections looming now. There's still time to think carefully, and to consider the importance of truth, no matter what your particular stripe might be. And to vote.

Here are some sobering thoughts to help with that chore.


  1. What about the Truth in the United Sates and the problem with it. I talk daily with clients and friend in the USA. The problem is that the two truths are so opposite that one side will not even listen to the other. For example, one fellow told me that he would not be lectured on guns by people who kill babies. But more importantly, Fox News and Breitbart News followers would not even watch the video you posted because it is MSNBC. Similarly my Democratic friends would never watch a news report from Breitbart or Fox News. So in reality what is happening is that each news agency is preaching to the choir, their choir.

    1. Sad but true Peter.

      Yet there are truths.

      Arming teachers is not a helpful response to this horrible incident. It is thoughtless, hollow, and stupid, It is one more obstacle to sensible action that might save lives when the next unbalanced student looks to settle a grievance. In that way, this ignorant suggestion is reckless. How many more weeks before the next tragedy? This distracting shameful charade means Trump will surely have the blood of those future victims on his hands.

      There is a crisis of morality and integrity in the US. To say that this is about politics is wrong. Politics is about whether to raise or lower taxes, whether to bid for the Olympics, whether to have merit-based immigration.

      Reckless disregard for truth, ethics, integrity, and responsible public service violates the fundamental tenets of democracy. That is certainly not politics. It is behaviour that destroys social order, behaviour that is sanctioned by courts, and that legislatures worthy of the name work earnestly to proscribe, denounce, and repress.

      Sitting idly by and witnessing this in silence is not something I can do.

      No one should.


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