Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My brain strain...

... and a break, courtesy of Peak Powersports in Barrie, BMW Motorrad, and Marigold Public Relations.


This actually happened a few weeks ago, but my frantic study routine gets in the way of EVERYTHING that isn't studying for a Bar exam. Oh... and there was a whirlwind trip to visit family and dear friends in Los Angeles and San Diego. There will be, in the fullness of time, an entertaining video of that trip, I promise.

To be perfectly honest, my overtaxed brain really needed to take a step or two back, before charging ahead for the rush to the finish in a few weeks' time.

I hope that you enjoy this tiny little hiatus, I sure did. Big thank you to Katie from Marigold Public Relations for doing double duty filming with the number two camera.

The music for this episode of Life on two wheels is Cycles by Density & Time, made available courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library


RichardM said...

Good video. The 310 single looks interesting and after some test rides, I really like the G650GS single and the F700GS twin. But I still like the "classic" look of the R nine T. Are you seriously considering replacing the Vespa?

David Masse said...

Replacing, no. But replacing the Honda Shadow 750, I would certainly like to. Time will tell.

SonjaM said...

No tossing of the Vespa please, but you have my blessings to replace the Honda Shadow if it helps with the decision. ;-)

The 310 looks great, but I am with Richard, I like the Retro look of R nine T, too.

David Masse said...

Sonja I agree, I love the look of the R9T, but that seat looks like torture. Looks aren't everything. I like the Scrambler too: retro look, much better saddle. But realistically, the GS configuration is the most realistic. The look lacks in emotional appeal though, unless your emotions run to the ADV end of the spectrum.

Unknown said...

The R Nine T is indeed a sexy machine, and though motorcycle sex appeal is important, versatility will never fail to satisfy, will never fail to transport one to the experiences and places that recharge the soul... Of course, that's just one fella's opinion. ;-)

Something that surprised me when I traded my Vespa GTS250 for my BMW F800GS was the amount of, well, stuff I'd been able to carry on the Vespa. I had equipped that scoot with a top case and a front rack in addition to its vast under-seat space, and though I'd picked up panniers and a top case when I bought the F800GS, those containers alone weren't able to haul that much more stuff--I only realized real gain when also strapping gear to the seat space behind me.

Now, this isn't to say that the Vespa would have continued to do just fine--my F800GS takes me where the Vespa could never have gone and where my XR1200 and my V7 Racer could never go. In fact, if I had to get rid of all but one bike, I'd keep my F800GS--no hesitation, hands down--simply for its versatility.

I just thought that the carrying capacity was an interesting realization--there I'd bought an "adventure" bike, thinking I'd be able to haul tons more stuff, and it was barely able to handle a bit more than that remarkable Vespa GTS250... ;-)

Unknown said...

Hook up with Peter Sanderson again and perhaps he will let you ride one of his GS's. Once you try an adventure bike there is no going back. Even if you don't go off roading. It is so comfortable.

Steve Williams said...

Perhaps my favorite motorcycle from a completely utilitarian point of view is the BMW F650GS. I've put a lot of miles on one of those and found it comfortable for long days of riding, light enough to not be a pain to move around at slow speeds, and powerful enough to go anywhere. BMW doesn't make it anymore but can be found used at great prices. Something to consider with the insanely pricey BMWs.

I've not ridden the F700GS but it appears to be similar to the 650. I've never ridden the G650GS but have been intrigued by the lower price of the single cylinder engine.

The R Nine T is a wonderful machine. Fun to ride. Looks good. But for me completely impractical for the kind of riding I do. Seems like a second or third machine for a sunny day ride.

I was talking to a long time BMW owner/rider who recently got rid of his BMW R1200GS Adventure and his other BMWs and has taken up with Honda. He is now riding the Africa Twin and feels it's a far better machine at $8000 less. And service is more convenient both locally and on the road.

Myself -- I've finally put motorcycles out of my mind. I've lusted after them but all of them pale in comparison to the Vespa GTS in terms of utility and use. And as I get older, I really appreciate the lower weight. Even the F650GS is a handful in many situations when you're pushing or moving at slow speeds. The Vespa is just so damn easy.

For you though -- a motorcycle may be the perfect reward for passing the bar exams!

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