Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tom and the Terribly Tempting Terrific Tesla Model 3


I know I said that I had absolutely no time for you until mid-June because I had to be a slave to studying, and while that is basically true, it doesn't quite mean that I have ONLY spent my time with my nose in the books.

The fact is that my brain needs some breaks. I can literally feel my brain-strain at the end of a ten or eleven hour day of wrestling down in the depths of detail into which the Bar exams do their level best to drown my spirit. Among my THERAPEUTIC DISTRACTIONS I was lucky to count a) my interview with Nathan Body at the Peak Powersports BMW Motorrad launch up in Barrie, b) a hop, skip, and jump to visit with my dear friend Andrew in San Diego and Susan's cousins in Los Angeles, c) joining my dear friend Tom as he immersed himself in a hopefully soon-to-be-his Tesla Model 3, and d) a jaunt to Vancouver to meet our first-ever grandchild Kaia Eliora Naidoo Masse, and to fulfill my teaching obligations for Governance Professionals of Canada where I poisoned the minds of aspiring colleagues with the fascinating topics of Records Management, and the dismal, arcane art of public company annual general meetings.

In case you couldn't tell, this episode of Life on two wheels is about c) Tom and the Terribly Tempting Terrific Tesla Model 3.

I apologize for that second paragraph.

It bears a stunning similarity to my study notes for the Bar exam. The upside is, that if you're in a hurry, and don't feel like savoring my meandering prose, you can absorb the gist of this post by broadening your focus, scanning that paragraph as a chunk, and assimilating 95% of my message in mere seconds, versus the many minutes you might ordinarily have to devote to catching my drift.

Because I couldn't afford to take two weeks off from studying during my Vancouver trip, I had no choice but to purchase a brand new MacBook Pro laptop. I feel I owe you a review. WOW!!!

There is no point in going any further really. As the Bard famously had Hamlet say, brevity is the soul of wit.  If I were more witless, I would add that adding a MacBook to my arsenal along with a decent dose of iCloud, has been a productivity game-changer. Holy mackerel! Did you know that you can copy on a (iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook) and paste into any of the others (iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook)???? I certainly didn't!!!! I edited 90% of the video for this episode on the flight home from Vancouver on Sunday using Final Cut Pro X on the MacBook. WOW!

OK, that's enough witlessness on that score.

Coming in a little while, video from those other distractions.

The musical selections for this episode are Ice Cold by Audionautix which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Artist: http://audionautix.com/) and Take You by Vibe Tracks, both made available courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.


SonjaM said...

Glad to hear that things have been busy but in a good way, David.
Congrats on getting promoted to grandfather! :-)

David Masse said...

Thanks Sonja, I think it’s the biggest promotion I’ve ever gotten :)

RichardM said...

Wow! You sprung for Final Cut X. I couldn't justify the cost and just use iMovie. What do you think of the keyboard and the touch bar? Two of the most polarizing things with the current MacBook Pro. Personally, I like the machine a lot (13" touch bar version). It has been my primary computer for over a year and no complaints. Did you know that you can unlock it with and Apple Watch? (Trying to get you further sucked into all that is Apple)

RichardM said...

Another recommendation is the Hyperdrive Pro https://www.hypershop.com/products/hyperdrive-pro-8-in-2-hub-for-usb-c-macbook-pro-2016-2017

David Masse said...

Richard your comment is a sight for sore eyes. I feel keenly ashamed of my neglect.

Yes Final Cut Pro is a beast, but once you get a little comfortable with it it's an amazing tool.

Unfortunately my 13 1/2" MacBook Pro doesn't have the touchbar. That said, I spent $15 on the Duet app that allows me to use my iPad as a dual display, and there is an option to implement the touchbar for the Mac on the iPad, comes to about the same thing.

As for the Apple watch, I actually need a new watch. There is some talk about a new watch for my birthday. Who knows??? Anything is possible.

And you are right, I am very deep in the Apple pool, minus only the watch, and the smart speaker. For me it really works so well.

David Masse said...

Ooooh... right on the money again!! I was wandering around the Apple store window shopping and a USB-C hub is an attractive option, I am going to check into that. Thank you.

There are some really nice dual HP monitors at Costco (CDN$299) and I think that I going to get a wall mount for the iMac, move that into the kitchen, then set up dual displays in the office for the MacBook as my go to work machine. So many toys, so little time.

David Masse said...

Just looked at that hub. Amazing. Perfect for dual displays. That plus the HP displays, and a new Bluetooth apple extended 'business' keyboard. It couldn't get much better than that. Thanks so much.

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