Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Thunderbird takes a wing

At long last, I am surfacing from my six-month self-imposed exile. It was a nightmare of grueling study, eleven and twelve hour days, seven days a week. With a little luck I passed the final Bar exam. I won't really know for another couple of weeks. I have to be philosophical in spite of the massive effort. It will be what it will be.

Moving on... It feels so good to get back to other things. Even doctor's appointments and lab tests, and tackling chores around the house is a kind of liberating joy. A real deliverance.

Speaking of moving on and liberating things, it's time for Thunderbird to move on too.

Sonja and I are on the same page and the result is that Sonja's beast of a bike that I christened Thunderbird, the 2003 Honda Shadow VT 750 American Classic Edition is now on looking for a fresh adventure and a new loving caring owner.

Check out Sonja's blog here.

Sonja's 2015 Maritimes adventure begins on her blog here.

Here is a post from Life on two wheels that explains how to purchase a far-off motorcycle for touring.

The music for this episode of Life on two wheels is Bleeker Street Blues by Chris Haugen, made available courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.

I've got a backlog of videos screaming to be released so please stay tuned, there's lots more to come.


  1. I'm sure you passed and with flying colors!

  2. Good job on the video. I'm sorry to hear you're selling Thunderbird, but glad it helped Sonja achieve her mission. All the hard work you put in, I'm betting you passed the bar. I'm sure you're thrilled that life is back to relative normalcy.

  3. I’m sure you passed! No farewell cruise to the west coast on the Shadow before selling it?

  4. Of course you passed, David. Congrats. Now please take some time to relax and enjoy... what was it now? The thing you call retirement. I am hoping for a quick sale. It was a great bike fitting the purpose and I will miss it dearly but some things are not meant to be repeated. It's time to let go. Thanks for your effort, and now go out and ride your Vespa.

  5. David, I enjoyed this though am sad to know that one or the other of you won't be out riding Thunderbird around our continent, there is after all a lot yet to see and this seemed like a fine way to accomplish that.

    I will tell you that it's a good thing I'm not closer to Toronto.

  6. I wondered how your studies were progressing. The schedule described sounds more like torture than exile. Either way, I hope the outcome is positive and you can focus on new challenges.

    Matching you to the motorcycle was always a stretch for me. Maybe it's Vespa elitism. Or my own narrow-minded-ness. I just never could quite imagine you as a biker.

    Someone, somewhere will surely step up and take the machine off your hands. Plenty of riders dreaming of cruising but don't want to lay out the cash for a Harley or other big machine. The 750 seems a more than adequate ride for all but the extremely illegal speeds.

    Glad you're back in the world. Look forward to seeing more of your writings and videos.


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