Thursday, July 26, 2018

2018 Isle de Wolfe Scooter Rally

At last! A major motion picture from Life on two wheels studios!

This is it! The long-awaited world premiere of the Life on two wheels Isle de Wolfe Scooter Rally movie.

There are stars, breathtaking action, traffic jams, Lambretta meltdowns, howling wolves, daring inter-continental and pan-continental adventurers, a dog in doggles, treacherous ferry crossings, the heart-stopping pop-pop-pop-pop staccato of vintage scooters in heat, massive clouds of blue poisonous smoke, and much, much more.

Come with me as I saddle up and head out to the very border of Ontario, to the DMZ separating us from mighty Trumplandia, the US of A, on isolated island straddling where the inland sea of the Great Lakes meets the mighty St-Lawrence.

Quick, grab the popcorn and the diet Coke, click on the video, and immerse yourself in a true summer action blockbuster!

Did I say it was free? IT'S TOTALLY FREE FOR THE WATCHING! Amazing.

Life on two wheels studios, making Canada great again, one video at a time.

Editor's remark: there is a second version of the video that repairs a minor glitch, no harm in leaving both in the channel.


RichardM said...

I like the scooter with the sidecar! Nice video, it looks like a lot of work.

bocutter ed said...


SonjaM said...

Hilarious. When I spotted the blue Vespa I immediately thought of Steph, and there she was.

Loved the music going with the wrap tie demonstration.

David Masse said...

It certainly is a lot of work, that's for sure.

Before tackling the video I searched for rallye videos because I was determined not to make it boring. OMG everything I found was terrible.

I showed the video to my nephew who is still in high school. He liked everything until the awards segment. His advice was to edit that part down to virtually nothing. Ha! I patiently explained that those who attended would find that part key, as would the organizers who put in all the work.

That sidecar rig is certainly an eye catcher, but the dog still manages to steal the show.

David Masse said...

Thanks Ed. I believe you are correct. I fell victim to spell-check.

I'll go back to correct that ;)

David Masse said...

Thanks Sonja.

I wasn't sure I was going to like the Wrapties but they work very well.

I have an interview with Steph that I will work on next.

VStar Lady said...

So great you met up with Steph again. Too bad you didn't get to try any of the other great restaurants Kingston has to offer. Sorry to hear about your back David. Speedy recovery.

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