Monday, February 6, 2017

I hit the road, Jack

At long last, it's episode 2 of Life on two wheels, the Vlog.

I has been a long day folks.

Episode 2 crashed my iMac, at least twice.

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As promised I returned and added some show notes, useful links, a hint or two about what I'm up to, a list, and some other stuff too.

I had a nice chat with the restaurant server at the airport. "Are you a YouTuber?" He saw me recording a time-lapse and composing these words. His question led me to explain the blog, the vlog, and the adventure. "That's so cool, have a good trip man." It was an eye-opener for me. I'm not naturally outgoing. I've been known to be quite a 'stick-in-the-mud' in social situations. I almost never talk to strangers. It's the reason vlogging is such a damn challenge. Maybe this will be a turning point in my life, where I learn to engage more.

I re-read a passage yesterday from Charles Handy's book The Hungry Spirit. The passage is entitled the White Stone. It's a bilblical parable about discovering your true self and how difficult and worthwhile the quest is. I first read that book years and years ago. The white stone metaphore struck a chord for me.

I wear a blank silver amulet that Susan gave me before we were married. It's like a small dog tag. It sits on a chain that I have worn since before my seventh birthday. I eventually gave up trying to think of something sufficiently and singularly important to justify a small engraving on that medal. Once I read that passage of Handy's, the amulet became my white stone. It needs to be blank, like a canvas. I reminds me every single day that I am still nothing. When I meditate I focus on the amulet.

I don't think I'll be getting a tattoo anytime soon.

The music for today's vlog was Big Blues Red by Audionautix.

I find myself learning what it means to vlog. I am progressing at a brisk pace with only two episodes under my belt.

Things I learned with this episode: a) I can upload video directly from the iPod to Final Cut Pro X; b) I need to quit all applications while I work in Final Cut Pro; c) using the iPod vertically gives you room for two elements simultaneously on the screen and you can move them around pretty easily; d) I still struggle with the audio tracks, hopefully the sound is a little more tame this time; e) I need to get my hands into the frame to point stuff out; f) I need to make a check list of things to look after in the YouTube editor; g) including show notes; h) I need a closing screen with an active link to the blog ALWAYS; i) need to be more Zen when the iMac is crashing.

There's probably more... but I've got to save some lessons for next time.

Wish me luck.



This is a pared-down list. For the unabridged moto-camping extravaganza, see my comprehensive Touring Guide page



Nexus card


Water bottle


Hair gel
Shaving oil


Bausch & Lomb Outdoorsman sunglasses
ROK straps
Sea to summit strap
White turtle light
Riding jacket 5.0
Teknik rain jacket
Armored pants
Icon Patrol boots
Gloves (2 pairs)
Summer - Fall riding gloves
Icon Patrol gauntlets
Nolan N104 modular helmet
Sena SMH10 bluetooth communicator (plus backup controller)


Socks (8)
Underwear (8)
Down jacket
Deck shoes
Bathing suit
Polos, Ts (4)


iPhone 5s
Lumix point and shoot camera
IKlik tripod - selfie stick and remote
Hisy remote iOS shutter
RAM mounts and tripod adapter
New class 10 memory cards
iPad + equipment including keyboard
iPhone + cables
IPod + Røde Smartlav lavalier


Ken said...

I thought you were going to Florida where the temp's are in the 70's and the low might be 55.

David Masse said...

Ah well, one of the times I was chilled to the bone was in Fort Lauderdale. It was about 35F, but there were stiff winds. With the wind chill it felt like absolute zero.

I am taking no chances Ken :)

RichardM said...

Nice vlog entry. Lots of stuff!

Just another video suggestion, look at the camera and just occasionally glance at the screen to make sure you are still in frame. It looks like you are talking to someone behind me.

SonjaM said...

Hopefully flight connections and weather are going to cooperate this time, David. Enjoy your trip!

Unknown said...

I just rediscovered your blog, and now vlog! (I haven't been looking at bike blogs through the winter but that'll teach me!)

Anyway David, I really like what you're doing! I like your voice - literally, figuratively, and these are fun. I know it's lots of work for you but keep going! Thanks so much!

Bill Leuthold said...

I am certain that you were pleased to have the gear this morning.

David Masse said...

You can say that again! Oh boy it was chilly. I found myself wishing for heated grips and a lap apron.

Thanks for joining my joy ride Bill.

David Masse said...

Thanks for the advice Richard. I have an idea for helping me focus on the iPod's lens rather than on the screen when recording with the front camera.

W'll see if that works.

David Masse said...

Sonja everything was smooth as can be, except for some patches of turbulence.

As soon as I get home I'll start posting new episodes. There is a lot to share.

Stay tuned.

David Masse said...

Thanks Danielle!

Is that you? A new last name?

Steve Williams said...

Final Cut Pro X --- man you are a glutton for punishment. I used to use that for my personal projects and at work but found the newer versions of iMovie could do almost everything I needed. Final Cut is robust but oh the learning curve...

You refer to the iPod. Do you mean iPad?

Vlogging is a challenge and there are lots of details to attend to. They've largely kept is at bay for me. That and I don't have anything to say yet.

Loved your intro and spinning around as you speak. The mirror adds insight as well. Nice job.

David Masse said...

Steve, Final Cut Pro is extremely powerful and I am pleasantly surprised that it is quite a bit less daunting than I thought it would be.

And yes, I meant iPod. I am testing a theory that my primary vlogging platform could be a top of the line iPod. I bought one for specifically that purpose: ~120 gigabytes of storage, and the only apps I use are the Apple Camera app, and the Røderec professional recording app. The standard camera app allows for time-lapse and slow motion, in addition to regular photos and videos. I use the Røde Smarlav+ lavalier microphone that, so far, is working really well for me.

I can't wait to get home to post some additional episodes. I have harvested some really great video sequences.

It's early days in my vlogging and I can raise the bar, I think, consistently in these early days. Being in the company of legends like Ken Wilson, Bill Leuthold, and Jim Mandle makes the task a breeze.

Unknown said...

It is me! This is my maiden name - I got divorced in 2013 after 25 years of marriage. I met you (and discovered scooting) during my in-between time when I was trying to create joy amidst all my fear and sadness. Life is VERY happy now - I'm engaged to an amazing woman (! LOL!) and am best friends with my ex-husband. I could hardly ask for a better outcome! AND I'm going to start motorcycle lessons this spring!! Thank you David for being part of my journey!

David Masse said...

Way to go Danielle! I am so happy for you.

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