Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On a December roll

To answer Richard's question from yesterday, I was at it again today.

I went to the Montreal BMW and Harley Davidson dealer to buy a pair of ROK straps. They are a gift in the annual ModernVespa.com holiday gift exchange.

Along with the ROK straps, the lucky recipient is getting an embroidered Vespa badge, some ModernVespa stickers, and an official Vespa Montréal T-shirt courtesy of the Montreal Vespa dealer.

That little lot should make me a popular secret Santa.

After buying the gift, it was off to get myself coiffed by Kristen at Salon Image in time for a meeting in Toronto this coming Friday.

Tomorrow, I'm off again, this time on four wheels, to meet up with some moto bloggers in Ottawa, with a rendez-vous for lunch near the BMW dealer, Good Time Centre.

More about that tomorrow.

Ciao for now, amici!


RichardM said...

Lot's of running around! How is the house sale going?

David Masse said...

The market is pretty much stalled for the holidays. Not expecting any traction (ha ha ha) till the new year. Not much we can do about it.

SonjaM said...

Looking forward to reading about the blogger meeting, David. Good to see you blog more regularly again. I missed you.

Trobairitz said...

I too am looking forward to hearing of the blogger meet up. I am glad you've been getting out on two wheels. We've received too many inches of rain in the last few days to even think about it.

David Masse said...

Thanks Sonja! It's nice to get back to lighter posts, much easier to do.

Post coming soon on today's get together.

David Masse said...

The weather was so mild today, it had me thinking I should have taken the Vespa. I'm glad I didn't. The ride home would have been a two hour trek in the cold on pitch black highway at 120 kmh, withnmo one expecting to come upon a motorbike.

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