Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Flaming Roseway

Would you be content to live there?

I know, what kind of a question is that?

Context often makes the difference between the head-scratch-and-cock-eyed-stare, and the nod.

It's a little street, or laneway, that meanders along a row of townhouses, closer to the eastern tip of one of my usual morning rides.

Approximately two years of riding that route, once or twice a week, from early spring to late fall, and I never managed to notice the street name before this morning.

What a great name!

Early this morning, eleven degrees Celsius, with blue skies and gorgeous puffy white clouds, headed to 26C (if you can believe it), that street sign seemed like the harbinger of a great outdoor riding season to come.

So long P2 Loop, hello Flaming Roseway!

PS: it's now quarter to six and twenty-six degrees Celsius on April 12, 2023!!!!! And my Brompton cycling adventures in the early morning now total 2,422 kilometres!!!!!! 

PPS20230425 My friend Ed (see the comments on this post) is a very creative guy. I often think that there isn't anything he could set his mind to that he wouldn't be able to do. Ed sent me these images of his handy work in designing and building an actual Roseway. Here is Ed's Roseway:


bocutter ed said...

There's a bunch of "Roseway" streets in that area. My stepmother used to live on the northern side of Fashion Roseway which a bit SouthWest of Flaming.

David Masse said...

Well there’s an interesting coincidence.

Last year I was ‘exploring’ and it turns out I was on Fashion Roseway. I see there’s a Gipsy Roseway just around the corner.

Very nice, thanks for sharing that Ed.

I need to take the Mini to within Brompton striking distance of your shop and pedal by for coffee.

bocutter ed said...

Just make sure I'll be there ...

bocutter ed said...

I really miss that garden. It had about 50 rose bushes.

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