Friday, October 3, 2014

Repairs - Part two

If you were expecting a Vespa repair, you're about to be disappointed.

The victim this time was my Corazzo 5.0 riding jacket.

I tugged up the zipper at the end of the day, as I had done hundreds of time before, and I heard a 'click' sound as the zipper thingy snapped free, clearly beyond repair.

I resorted to a binder clip as a stop-gap measure.
Replacing the entire zipper was of course an option, a potentially expensive and time-consuming option.  Since the Corazzo is my cold-weather jacket and fall is upon us (although today as I write this we are in the middle of a freakish heat wave), it had to be fixed in short order or I wouldn't be riding, and that, just wasn't acceptable.

What to do?  Google of course.

That's how I found FixnZip.

A quick trip to the Mountain Equipment Coop store and I had the tiny marvel in my hot little hand, as my mother was fond of saying.
The instructions are excellent, the quality above-reproach.
In no time my Corazzo jacket was a good as new.
Easy-peasy, an inexpensive fix that works like a charm.


fledermaus said...

You got us, David. I have to say, I've learned a whole lot more than intended about non- Vespa things since getting one. ;o)

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

"learned" too. For not having been all that mechanical, you're doing a bang up job David!

Conchscooter said...

This sort of problem is why god invented zip ties.

David Masse said...

Dave, there are jobs I have tackled without much hesitation around the house. Minor plaster repairs, electrical projects, minor plumbing issues, and so on. Yet I tend to shy away from mechanical issues.

I seem to follow the same path with my bikes. I tackle even complicated electrical projects without much apprehension, and now I've done a minor plumbing job, but I prefer to leave even oil changes to the dealer.

Maybe because when I was a kid I did mechanical work on my bicycles and managed to cross-thread and strip my axles over time. I remember a kid borrowed my bike and in his exuberance pulled a wheelie, and the front wheel came right off. That didn't end well.

David Masse said...

Who knows Doug, maybe there will be a motorcyle lift and torque wrench in my future.

David Masse said...

Too funny Michael, because in fact I do have some zip ties in the office, but tried a paper clip (too flimsy) before settling on the binder clip. The zip tie would have definitely been more elegant.

I'm an old Boy Scout. That experience leaves a mark. I love having a 'MacGyver' challenge.

SonjaM said...

You are quite the handy man to have around when things need fixing. You are definitely the Canadian answer to MacGyver.

VStar Lady said...

David - I'm a paperclip gal myself ... but now, thanks to you and your internet search I know where to go. I think, as I write this I could use about 3 fix n zip packs. Thanks.

David Masse said...

Ah shucks... If only :)

David Masse said...

It really works astonishingly well. Comes in different sizes depending on the zipper. Check the website then the size codes on your broken zippers.

Dar said...

Now that is a cool little thing, I think I need to go to MEC and get one of these because my riding jacket did the same. Cool beans!

David Masse said...

Ha! I like it when post idea meets with a need! Go for it Dar, you'll be pleased.

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