Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Today, I polished off the last of the potato chips we bought on the second to last day in Florence.  No need to wax poetic over the chips.  Think Lays Classic and you'd be on the right track.
The only thing left before our Italian vacation is really and truly behind us, is to frame the watercolor print we bought on the way back to our rented condo from the Palazzo Pitti, on the approach to the Ponte Vecchio (X marks the spot).
 Susan and I always try to buy what we call travel art. Something we can hang on the wall as a reminder of the vacation. The family room is where we hang our travel art. Looking around the room I see Vancouver, Boston, London, Barcelona, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon and Ogunquit. I think we are behind in framing. Los Angeles is around here somewhere, not to mention Sorrento and Rome.

Now we'll have something to release a flood of fond memories from our too brief time in Tuscany.
Funny how awesome vacations begin to seem like a dream. You have to pinch yourself from time to time to remind yourself that they really did happen.

Still two more Tuscan Loop posts to come, sit tight.


RichardM said...

You could frame the chip bag...

I like the idea of picking up frameable art from your travels.

David Masse said...

Richard unfortunately the chip bag is already in the trash. We run a tight ship here.

I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff. The only things I don't hesitate to buy are artworks. They hold more meaning, take less space.

The worst stuff is the sentimental stuff, or the stuff that is just plain difficult to get rid of.

I'm a big fan of dumpsters. Everyone should get the largest dumpster they can afford and fill it to the brim, be merciless, at least once every ten years.

George Carlin was the one who got me thinking about my stuff.

Unknown said...


as a memory of our trips, we like to make a large photo and I do my own framing, until I was told that I can't have anymore wall space. Everyone has their own fetish; some like to collect spoons, others bells, while others, Vespa patches.

After a week of being home it's like you never left

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Bob, that's the part I struggle with. "It's like you never left". Vacations are generally sweet. Day to day life remains 90% of what you actually do.

How does one make day to day life as sweet as vacation time? OK, maybe that's unrealistic. But... there's some lingering thought that it might be possible.

Do you find yourself thinking that way?

What if I could spend my time writing and teaching. I wonder.

It's not about stuff. It never has been. I could live with less. I fantasize that some mega-wealthy fool knocks on the door and offers to buy the house and all the contents I care to part with.

Imagine being free like that. Then pick a place, and find a sustainable lifestyle that lets you do what you love. Day in and day out.

It wouldn't be perfect. But it would be good. Very good.

Now how the heck do I get there?

Trobairitz said...

Travel art - the perfect souvenir. Great idea David.

Unknown said...


there are not many places in the World where we could live well, with only our Cdn Pensions but one is Thailand, and perhaps in a small coastal community down in MX, except it is not safe down there. FL would be okay except for the medical costs.

You need to take some time off, without pay to squeeze out another few weeks of vacation time.

Think about last summer. Look at a map and tell me if you remember riding where we went. It's all a dream which never happened, except for our photos. I still can't believe I went by myself and had to ride 3,000 MILES just to meet my riding buddies

I hope your FOOL knocks on your door soon cause I want to find out where you land

Riding the Wet Coast

VStar Lady said...

David I have purchased a ring (space is always a premium) from each trip I have taken. Each time I wear one of the rings I am overwhelmed by the memories of that journey. Jewellery - art, both serve the same purpose. Keep the memories alive while taking minimal space. The blog also helps to do the same. I am so glad for you and Susan that you have been filled with new, fabulous memories.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I really like this!

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I'm way, way behind in keeping up with my friends' blogs. Friday night I'll do my best to get caught up with you and your fabulous journey.

SonjaM said...

Ah the Ponte Vecchio, isn't it stunning. This time we weren't there (because we rather wanted to go to Pisa).

I am not a fan of stuff, hence we usually by consumables as souvenirs. This year we brought back a bottle of grappa, a bottle of wine, a bottle of olive oil and - wait how did that get in there: a can of maple syrup? (Thanks David!!!)

David Masse said...

I like Karen's approach too.

David Masse said...

Karen, I really like the appproach you've taken. Very efficient, more so than taking up wall space. Very nice.

David Masse said...

No worries Doug. Things get busy and there are so many really great blogs vying for attention, it's difficult to read it all, much less comment.

And yes it truly was fabulous.

David Masse said...

Sonja, you and Roland are very, very welcome. As luck would have it, there's more where that came from. So you needn't worry about exhausting the supply.

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