Saturday, October 21, 2017

A conversation with Steve Williams

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Why would anyone in their right mind choose to write a blog?

Well... if that is a question that occasionally pops up as you browse among the more than 650 million web sites currently cluttering the interwebs, while you keep bumping into some of the estimated 200 million sites that are blogs, and you scratch your head wondering what on earth could possibly drive a person to blog, here, on a silver platter, is a golden opportunity to learn why two of us are driven to post aspects of their daily lives for all to see. Watch the video.

In fact, for all you social or behavioral scientists and psychiatrists out there, this is particularly exciting, because as Steve Williams and I, both of us seasoned well-followed, and (hopefully) well-respected bloggers candidly expose our respective motives, it will no doubt thrill you to know that I started blogging in some measure because I felt compelled to follow Steve's example. Somewhere in that overly long, tangled sentence, there is the tip of an epidemiological study in psychiatry begging to begin. Watch the video.

Anyway... I'm afraid you'll be compelled to watch the video if you really want to learn what makes us tick. Good luck with that. Watch the video.

If any of those social scientists and psychiatrists I alluded to watch the video and have insights into our character flaws they'd care to share in the fleeting hope that both, or either of us, might use those insights to mitigate our failings, please leave a comment below. You just never know. Please watch the video.

Steve and I thank you in advance.

The music for this episode is Laid Back Guitars by Kevin MacLeod and it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license and is made available courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library 
Artist: Incompetech


Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

David, the two of you together.....treasure. Thank you.

RichardM said...

That is a pretty good interview. The "why blog" answer sounded vaguely familiar as my blog started out as a university "project" actually hosted on university run servers. That was quite a while ago. I like the multiple camera shoot and the window reflection was nice.

You should do a post on the setup being used for your vlog. Specifically, I'm wondering about the microphone input into your phone. Two channel mixer? Does each track get recorded separately? Just wondering...

David Masse said...

Well Doug that’s too much praise but I will gladly take it, though any praise really belongs to Steve.

David Masse said...

Thanks Richard, “pretty good” sounds anout right.

My set up is the least I could get away with: the highest capacity iPod to capture video off the bike + a Rode lavalier mike, a brand X lavalier that has a much longer wire which Steve was using, a ~$100 selfie stick / tabletop tripod, and a Rode multiple input minijack: two mic inputs in a single channel, plus one headphone jack.

The other camera is a point ad shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1.

This set has the advantages of simplicity and portability. The resulting quality is just adequate.

The iPod does slomo video and timelapse.

The one unifying factor that makes any of this possible is Final Cut Pro X. That piece is top notch.

I may everuallt do a techy post. Right now it’s still amateur hour :)

David Masse said...

Sorry for the typos. We’ve got guests and I’m stealing moments to respond:)

Steve Williams said...

Thank you David for immortalizing me on YouTube in one of your video episodes. You've given me an opportunity to check in with what I think and do with Scooter in the Sticks. It's important to step back and take a look in the mirror. Or the camera.

Your multi-camera work is pretty sophisticated and the cutting helps the interview flow nicely. Despite my lack of a shave and a haircut, it's really good.

At some point someone needs to interview you!

David Masse said...

It’s funny, I used the second camera without knowing how to do multi-camera editing.

Amazingly, Final Cut Pro made producing the video surprisingly easy. I now know how to splice multi-camera footage (2, 4, 8, and more cameras, no problem).

In retrospect I would have enlisted Paul to shoot a third view. That would have been amazing.

SonjaM said...

Great interview, both. Quite professional indeed, also with the second camera position. It looked very routine-like, you both interacted like you'd done this many times before.

David Masse said...

Thank you Sonja.

It's odd because by the time I publish a video I've been over and over it so many times that in my mind all I see are the flaws.

You have no idea how that praise soothes my bruised ego.

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