The Gear Guide

Among the most popular (and hopefully helpful) posts here on Life on two wheels are the gear posts.

I include in the definition of 'gear' posts, the posts concerning motorcycle and scooter modifications I've made to my Vespa and the shared Honda Shadow tour bike, those I'm planning to make, as well as posts on skills and general moto knowledge that relate to commuting on a scooter or motorcycle, such as parking, for instance.

Riding a scooter or motorcycle is one thing.  Commuting on one day in and day out is another.  Since I started commuting in the spring of 2010 I have accumulated quite a bit of gear and have made modifications to my Vespas and the Honda Shadow tour bike.  My Vespa and the Honda (not to mention yours truly) are now highly adapted to the mission.  If you are thinking of commuting on a bike, you may find these links quite helpful.

As with the 'foodie' posts, I'll add the links on this page gradually as time allows.

If the topic you're interested in is not linked yet, you should be able to browse through the archive to find it.  Provided it has been written of course.

Since the posts relate to three different bikes I have divided the gear posts up.  There is a first batch for posts that are not bike specific. There are also three more batches of posts: one batch for Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super modifications, and one batch for Vespa LX 150 modifications, and a third batch for Honda Shadow modifications.

The project reports take almost as much time and attention as actually doing the modifications, so please bear with me as a write them up and post them.  If there is no link below, it's because the writing and posting is lagging behind the wrenching and cursing.  If you are considering a modification to your bike and there is no link to a post and need some assistance, shoot me an e-mail and I'll do my best to help you out.

General gear posts
Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super modifications
Vespa LX 150 modifications
Honda Shadow VT750 American Classic Edition modifications
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