One of the more difficult things to understand, let alone express, about riding, or living for that matter, has to do with metaphysics, rather than physics.  For instance, why do I ride? Why do I enjoy riding so much?  Why is riding different from driving?  Why do all riders have so much in common? Why do I write? Why do I write an online journal? Why do people read what I write?

I continue to struggle with these questions.  Modifying my bike, selecting gear, learning riding skills, choosing what to write about, and how to approach a subject that interests me, all offer varying degrees of difficulty.  Yet the most elusive of all aspects of riding and writing is the simple task of putting my finger on reasons.

I decided to put this page up after Gary France asked fellow riders who blog to explain how they came to ride motorcycles and generally why they ride.  The posts that followed all told stories that contained very rider-specific reasons, as well as some very interesting common threads.

Riding is, like many other life pursuits, a search for meaning.  Writing is all the more so. I started this journal as a contribution to others who might wish to follow my example and take up riding as an alternative means of commuting.  The rational and emotional dimensions of riding are, in many ways, as important as the technical aspects.

It seems to make sense to add this page to my blog as another way for readers to find the posts that explore these themes.

In time, circumstances presented themselves that got me thinking about other things as well.  From time to time some of those thoughts boiled over into Life on two wheels.  You'll find those posts here as well.
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