Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scootless commutes

This past Friday I took a car to work, and tomorrow, Monday, I'm taking my wife's car to the dealer, so the Vespa gets a rest.

The pluses are: choice of entertainment on the radio: CDs, radio stations, Ipod selections. Air conditioning. Shelter from the world: relative quiet, comfort, sometimes company for the ride. No gear to suit up in. Choice of cupholders.

Minuses: the cost of parking, endless expressway scenes and bumper to bumper traffic.

To make up for the scootless commutes, I spent an hour in the saddle today. I rode west along the lakeshore from Beaconsfield through Baie d'Urfé, Sainte Anne de Bellevue, around the western tip of the island and Sennevile, on to Pierrefonds, then along the banks of what Montrealers call the 'back river', to Saint Charles boulevard that cuts straight north-south across the island , to Kirkland and back to Beaconsfield, then west again along the lakeshore and back home. A special treat, other than a stunning sunset that turned a wide swath of the Lake of Two Mountains into liquid gold, was that I had the road mostly to myself: a lovely twisting country road, up hills, down again through sweeping turns, pure two-wheel pleasure.

At some point in the coming weeks or months, I'll take a camera along and document some of that route for all to enjoy.

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