Monday, October 18, 2010

October commutes

As the temperature falls riding a scooter requires a stronger constitution. The cold air is felt sharply wherever it manages to penetrate, or wherever the protection is thinnest.

I'm wearing a fleece under my Corazzo 5.0 jacket, which is fine protection for my upper body, and Combi ski mitts, which, so far, are keeping my hands reasonably comfortable. I can eliminate wind entering at the cuffs, but there is always a thin vulnerable point between my collar and my Nolan N102 helmet. Where the wind does penetrate, it is cutting and sharp. And even with the ski mitts, after an hour's commute, my fingers have begun to chill.

The fall weather increases the risk equation. Leaves litter the ground, accumulating by the side of the road. After a rainfall, the cars sometimes leave a layer of pulverized leaves on the pavement that can last for several days. Getting chilled tends to be distracting, and numbed fingers tucked into mitts are clumsier than warm fingers in motorcycle gloves.  Riding in the rain has definitely lost any allure it may once have had.

The weather alters the familiar scenes. There's no mistaking a fall sky at dawn.

Here are some pictures of Lake St-Louis snapped on last Wednesday's commute.
And here are some shots of a similar view taken this morning.

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