Friday, June 3, 2011

Visiting Vampires

Now that's Costanza parking!  And it's the only good thing about going for my annual blood test.

The only person who parked closer to the outpatient entrance at the Lakeshore General Hospital this morning was the person who locked their bicycle to the railing outside the door.  Plus it's free, unlike the parking lot.

 Now you know I'm not referring real vampires, just the kind who are registered nurses wielding hypodermics and test vials.

Speaking of mythical people, this newsworthy pic just in from the "what have you done for me lately" department, that I shot on the way into the office:
Guess you're not laughing now, are you Santa?  More like "Heave-Ho!" than "Ho! Ho! Ho!".

I guess that proves that anything can be recycled.

I wonder if the guys in the recycling truck are going to tie-wrap him to their front bumper?


Keith - Circle Blue said...

Perhaps Santa isn't laughing, but I sure am. What a great find!

Very nice post. Santa in the recycle bin. I love it.

Belkwinith said...

Poor Santa! Cute story! Me, my BV 500 is way to big to put up on a sidewalk. Ahh, how my miss my little People 150. It was a real scamp.

David Masse said...

Bel: What I love about the LX is that I can park it within feet of my destination, and I can filter when motorcycles can't because I am narrow enough to squeeze by. Nothing beats sailing through bumper to bumper traffic.

Dar said...

I had the same experience at our hospital on Friday morning I had to be there by 7:15 for a bone scan (scooter injury 4 1/2 months ago). I tucked right up by the entrance & didn't have to shell out any parking fees. Loved Santa in the blue bin, wonder if the reindeer are in there too? Lol.

SonjaM said...

Nice catch, I bet they will be making Easter Bunnies out of recycled Santa's.
Although technically illegal I will park my Vespa anywhere on the sidewalk. So far... I never got in trouble for this.
Nice blog by the way, keep it coming. J'aime Montreal (when there's no snow, that is...)

Unknown said...

I'd imagine they'll just crush him flat. They could have put that in the free category on cragslist. I'll bet some college kids would have taken him home in a minute.

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