Sunday, July 3, 2011

Business and pleasure

The past two weeks have been hectic.

A conference to attend in Colorado Springs, followed by a summer getaway, first to Bryce Canyon in Utah (nature in all its glory), then to Las Vegas, Nevada (a blitz of glitz, glitz, glitz).

Both places were a lot of fun and relaxation at both ends of the spectrum.  Just the ticket to change things up and refresh my perspective.
Life on two wheels has therefore been on the back burner, but I do have this to share which is kind of relevant.
Two intrepid Las Vegas police officers making a traffic stop on Las Vegas Boulevard, in the middle lane, on bicycles.

I don't imagine the driver was much of a scofflaw, but it would have been cool if he had made a break for it, just to see those two officers hell bent for leather in hot pursuit.

The scoot commute resumes in earnest tomorrow, weather permitting.


Keith - Circle Blue said...

The photo of the officers making a traffic stop on bicycles is a really nice catch!

SonjaM said...

Bryce Canyon is one of my favourite parks. I hope to go there in late summer or early fall.
As for the Las Vegas cops, those bicycle riders are in pretty good shape. I managed to catch a few last time I visited.
Wishing you acceptable commuter weather back home...

David Masse said...

Bicycle duty must rank right up there with horseback, motorcycle, segway, and, around here, Zodiac powerboat duty on the lakeshore, as the best police assignments during the summer. Right now weatherwise we have thunderstorms, but the hourly forecast shows clear skies for the morning commute.

Dar said...

Nice pics David. I think the bicycle & motorcycle police in Victoria probably feel the same in the summer here too. We are finally getting a nice stretch of weather, looking forward to my morning scoot. Glad you had a nice trip.

Unknown said...

David: glad you managed a get-a-way and change of scene. We loved Utah but next time I want to go on my bike. When we went to LV we rented a car and drove parts of Route 66 over to Monument Valley, Moab, Canyonlands, etc . I love Utah

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Bob: There were quite a few people on motorcycles touring at Bryce Canyon. I was surprised by the number of them who were riding after dusk and into the night. There are so many deer there, including roadkill, that I don't think that I'd be venturing out on a bike at those times.

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