Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August bliss

I pulled into the parking lot at the Pointe Claire Venture Sailing School to snap this picture with my Iphone.

It only takes a minute or so to take a photo on the way to work.

On any given day there are many scenes that I would love to record.  The beauty of riding a scooter to work is that I do stop sometimes to take a picture.

My photography skills are hit and miss though. The Camera+ app takes much better pictures than the built-in camera application on the phone, but can't compete with my Olympus SLR.

I often think that I'll take some time one day to bring my SLR on a leisurely scooter ramble, but so far it's  just  wishful thinking.

In the meantime the beauty of the moment slips past me in a visual stream.

If the weather cooperates, I plan to take my first long distance ride on Friday: a day trip to Ottawa to visit my father. It's approximately 350 kilometers or 217 miles round trip.


SonjaM said...

Nice one. Have a go at it and take your 'real' camera. You might enjoy the outcome.

Safe travels to Ottawa, please report back with tales from the road (and pics of course...)

Dar said...

That is a great picture David. I have a pocket canon that I drag around with me everywhere. Most of the pics on my blog have been taken with it. It beats dragging around a big camera or trying to take it on my phone. I love the boats & your scoot.

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