Monday, March 31, 2014

Unique patch collection up for grabs

A while back I posted about my online adventure where I purchased a patch with BitCoin.

I mentioned that there were limited edition patches and that there were just a few MV members who had virtually complete collections.
The MV member known as Tomjasz (in real life Thomas Jaszewski, and an accomplished horticulturalist whose work endures in Las Vegas at the Bellagio) is offering up his complete collection in a silent auction.  Reaction to the offer is coming in on a related discussion thread.

I put a bid in, though I very much expect to be rapidly and soundly outbid.

Tom asked if I would put up a post with a link to the auction to spur interest further.  I am honored by the request and pleased to offer this post.  I doubt that the ScootCommute will drum up much more interest than the posts on MV, but you never know.  Every bit helps.

Good luck Tom!

I sincerely hope my bid gets trounced in a vigorous stampede of patch hunters, and that Tom profits from the sale of this rare and pristine collection.  In my hands, these specimens would end up gracing my jackets and being subjected to the merciless elements.


VStar Lady said...

Good luck to Tom ...

David Masse said...

Karen I really do wish Tom well.

Tom shared with me his objectives in selling off his collection, and the more money he raises, the closer he'll be to his goal.

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