Sunday, November 2, 2014


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts sculpture garden morphed with Waterlogue app
That's an excellent question once the other 'W's are asked and answered.

Why ride?

Because, on the way to work, it makes effortless a little meander to the end of a dead-end street to reflect on the random beauty the everyday world offers if you have the means to seek.
Pointe-Claire seen from the village
Riding a scooter makes these digressions easy by freeing up some time, courtesy of maneuverability.

Why blog?

Because it gives me a considered voice, and an opportunity to listen.
Alton Mill Art Centre sculpture garden morphed with Waterlogue app
... and that gives you an opportunity to listen, and to speak in turn.

That's how you and I become friends. And that is priceless.


redlegsrides said...

Nice reflection shot David!

David Masse said...

It's odd Dom, because though I've lived here for twenty-five years, and I've passed that little street countless times, it was the first time I took it. I had intended to take another street and go to the end of the point to catch a sunrise view, and took this street by mistake.

What a view though.

David Masse said...

Aargh... in attempting to tidy up the comments by deleting Sonja's comment she deleted, I deleted Sonja's good comment too, apparently 'forever' according to Blogger.

Found it in my e-mail though:

"SonjaM has left a new comment on your post "Why":

Beautiful shot of Pointe-Claire, David.

Through internet the world has become a village, in which we virtually live next door. Blogging and commenting on each others blogs has become the friendly picket fence talk.

Isn't it great that we ride, we blog, and we actually were fortunate to meet each other... priceless, like you said."

David Masse said...

Thanks Sonja.

To be honest I still can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that I've managed to meet as many bloggers as I have, and to ride with bloggers as well, in Vancouver, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Italy. It really is a blessing.

RichardM said...

I've heard the "why ride" question many times and it has been the subject of just about all moot-blogs. The "why blog" question has only been touched by a handful.Early on, the "it isn't Facebook" reason was once common though now many of those who blog seem to also have Facebook accounts.Another common reason seems to be that it started out as a public diary or sorts or at least a reminder of what has gone on.

I could agree with either of these reasons and have been pleasantly surprised when others started commenting on the posts...

VStar Lady said...

Or is/are the question(s) Why Not?
If I weren't a blogger I'd not have met so many terrific people over the past few years (Bobskoot was the first to every comment on my blog.) I love the waterlogue ap, since I can never get the paint to do what I would like it too when I have an actual brush in my hand ... I know it's cheating, but who cares. Very nice photo of Pointe Claire, I had a friend in university who grew up there.

David Masse said...

The number one motivator for me with blogging is the sense of gratitude and indebtedness I feel to forum participants and bloggers who provided me with the knowledge I needed when I wanted to commute to work on a Vespa. I need to return the favour.

The friendships are an unanticipated dividend I never dreamed might result.

David Masse said...

Karen the feelings you express are right on the money.

And Waterlogue is a little virtual guilty pleasure, isn't it?

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