Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Everything's coming up Brompton!

 I know, I know!

We don't get our new bikes until the spring!

Speaking of spring, I have a list of Brompton accessories that I want to have. The list is not that long, but guess what's on the list?

That's right... spring(s).

These are clamp springs. They are 3D printed in the U.K. by Steve Wood under the name EZclamp. If you are interested in what they do, this is a link to a video by Victor that explains it in brilliant detail. I ordered them now because the cost was small, the springs are small, and they can live in my desk drawer not bothering anyone until we get the bikes. All other accessories will have to wait patiently. 

Steve cautioned that receiving the springs, that he shipped on the same day I ordered them ten days ago on September 26th, could take weeks and weeks due to the pandemic.

Well, SURPRISE!!! they arrived today.

Turning to my dear friend Peter who mysteriously mentioned about two weeks ago that he was sending Susan and I some "surprises" that we might expect in mid-October... well, SURPRISE!!! Those "surprises” also arrived today. I had no clue what was in the mysterious styrofoam packaging from a source I had never heard of. 

rustle, rustle, wrestle, wrestle, rip, rip...


From Peter, his and hers Brompton mugs.

Peter thought there was a chance we might recycle them.

Nope! Nope! Nope!

Susan who readily admits she is quite particular about the shape of her mugs, likes them.

Peter, Steve, you guys scored ten out of ten!!!

Here are the springs nestled between our new Brompton mugs:


Peter Sanderson said...

They look awesome

David Masse said...

That they do. Thank you Peter.

RichardM said...

I looked at these a while back but decided that I didn’t want 16” wheels and wanted electric pedal assist. Later, I started looking for fat tires to more easily traverse soft ground. But I do like the small folded size and weight. 30# is pretty easy to handle.

David Masse said...

Richard I agree these are not off-road capable, strictly urban bikes.

They really fit the bill for us at this time though. I look forward to taking it on the Vespa so that when the road ends and the bike path begins, I’ll be able to keep going in style.

Massimo said...

Less than a month after purchasing my Vespa, Lou from Vespa Toronto was kind enough to gift me a navy espresso cup with "Vespa" emblazoned across from it. My morning macchiatos already gave me pep, now they've got a few extra CCs.

David Masse said...

Massimo, my Vespa is due for its yearly maintenance and that means a trip to see Lou.

I had a black Vespa mug but I fumbled it and sadly smashed it a little while ago.

I should call Lou tomorrow and take care of both issues at once.

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