Tuesday, June 1, 2021

You need a Brompton rack... and the reasons may surprise you!

 A new episode of the vlog has finally landed.

In the last episode I warned subscribers that I was a S-L-O-W editor. That was no joke.

Is it because I am a perfectionist? 

Heavens no!

If I was a perfectionist, I wouldn't have uploaded ANY of the previous 49 episodes. Seriously.

Why do I bother? 

Am I looking for a lucrative audience? Not in the least. I am a realist and that is never going to happen, of that I am reasonably sure.

I do it because it's challenging and I learn something new every time I produce a video. One day I'll go back and view them in the order of publication and see if spot the gradual grind of improvement.

This episode is another technical post that explores the function of a rear rack on the Brompton folding bicycle. It serves the obvious purpose of allowing you to carry things that otherwise would be a challenge. Thought most of that aspect of the Brompton is addressed by the ingenious carrier-block that allows you to click luggage onto the front of the bike in a very accessible and secure way.

The most useful feature of the rack, I have learned, is the four little wheels that let you wheel your folded Brompton when it's folded, typically indoors. That's what allows the Brompton to go anywhere with you, indoors and out.

In my case there is another useful aspect of the rear rack that I may have hinted at, and that will not come as a surprise to my readers. Watch the video for the reveal.

Here are the links that I promised in this episode:

Curbside Cycle, Toronto Links to Videos mentioned in this episode: Brompton gear hub setup: Brilliant Bikes and Chris by Bike Brompton rack installation: Brompton Traveller Tensioner installation: Brilliant Bikes Link to Walkstool Link to ROK straps The music for this episode of Life on two wheels is Panama Hat by Audionautix, Bluesy Vibe by Doug Maxwell, Ratatouille's Kitchen by Carmen MarĂ­a Edu Espinal, and Minor Blues for Booker by E's Jammy Jams, all made available courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library. Panama Hat No Voice by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


bocutter ed said...

Because this post has no comments ...

David Masse said...

The comments on the Brompton topics are, so far, all on YouTube. Soon everything will be on TikTok. Sic transit gloria mundi.

bocutter ed said...

BTW, the closest exit from the park system, to my shop, is 58 Rykert Crescent, East York, ON M4G 2S9 (out of Serena Gundy).

David Masse said...

I see that Ed. I am very slowly making my way there. So far I have done the Finch corridor trail from Yonge to Keele, and from Yonge to just west of Leslie. Then the Don trail from the Finch trail down to Sheppard. That last bit is unbelievable, you would never know you are in the middle of huge city. The path is often under a green canopy and it winds along, and criss-crosses the Don river over a series of wooden arched bridges. Next leg, Don river trail south from Sheppard, or maybe Yonge and Lawrence to meet up with the Don river trail. So many choices.

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