Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting ready for the 2011 riding season

In addition to modifications to my Vespa LX150 scooter, I am finally completing my riding gear.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of Tourmaster Caliber armored riding pants, a Corazzo underhoody and Corazzo winter gauntlets.  I still haven't decided what to do about footwear.

I was thinking about some Alpinestars Ridge boots, but I'm going to look at what workboots have to offer in terms of protection.

I have looked at motorcycle boots similar to the Ridge model, and they are not that impressive in terms of protective features.  There are other motorcycle boots that offer impressive protection, but not at a price point that I am prepared to live with.  Friends have suggested that good work boots can offer equivalent or even better protection at a friendlier price.

So on the gear front there's still more detective work and comparative shopping to do.

Post script edit: Rick commented that I should consider the Icon Super Duty 3 boot.  I had a look at a review on U-Tube and that boot does indeed look like an interesting option.

On the scooter modifications front, I have a full-size OEM windshield on order, the type where the Plexiglas shield extends out in front of the hand grips.  I'll have to cut the screen down so that the edge comes just below eye level.  The local motor-sports dealer has the neighborhood glass shop cut down their windscreens and they do a really good job, I'm told.  I may decide to do it myself, just for fun.

In addition to beefing up the ground line from the battery, I'm seriously thinking of adding grip heaters.  I think that with the combination of the protection offered by the windscreen, the grip heaters, and the Corazzo winter gauntlets, cold hands in the spring and fall will be a thing of the past.

I am also thinking about how this blog will evolve for the 2011 season.  The first season was quite technical, and since I'm still learning, season two will have its share of technical stuff to offer as well.  I suspect that as I get to the bottom of all the riding issues, I'll be leaning to more esoteric topics.

So the work continues so that the fun stuff can begin in earnest this spring.

Photos and more detailed descriptions of the winter preparations will follow, so stay tuned.


Rick said...

David, take a look at Icon Super Duty 3 boots. One thing most work boots won't offer is good ankle protection and that's the part of your foot that is most prone to damage in an accident. I'm very happy with my Icon boots. They provide great support and they're quite comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick, much appreciated, I will be sure to check those out.

Belkwinith said...

I have to agree. Ankle protection is key. My co-worker has kids in motocross and he told me the best thing I could do for myself is to get real boots with ankle protection. Not good for strolling about, but you can always change them out when you get to your destination.
Of course right now I am rocking the Harley Davidson boots and pink Sketchers, so I am one to talk.
Will be checking out lots of gear at the Chicago International Motorcycle Show. Keep Blogging!

Orin said...

David, I would suggest high-top hiking boots, or similar construction boots. Most motorcycle boots are designed with the idea that you will be shifting gears with your toes, and that your legs and feet are near moving suspension and drivetrain components. No shifting on an LX 150, and all the moving parts are underneath the body.

Scootin' Old Skool

David Masse said...

Thanks to Belkwinith, Rick and Orin for your comments. I will be sure to post where I end up on the footwear. Last season I used my 30 year-old Swiss hiking boots (indestructible Vibram sole, really thick, buttery waterproof leather uppers). The only thing they are missing is that vinyl disk ankle protector similar to the ones in soccer shin pads. To be continued...

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