Friday, October 27, 2017

I broke my 40 year-old Ray Bans!!!

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I love, love, love my sunglasses.

I've posted before about my Ray Ban Outdoorsman aviators. My optometrist had told me, way back in 2011, that the Ray Ban Outdoorsman had been discontinued.

Lucky for me that he was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I just bought a brand new pair of Outdoorsman aviators.

Currently aviators are back in style.

In the years I have owned them, they have been out of style, in style, out of style, back in favour, outcast, and now, really back in style. I don't care, truly I don't. I love my Ray Bans.

They broke (actually only the left temple broke) because I subjected them to poor treatment. I admit this freely now, just as I admitted it in the past. First off, they are intended for use they way they come from the store, i.e. not with prescription lenses. I forced the frames to accept prescription lenses (which in fairness, is not really a problem).

The real abuse happened as my eyesight deteriorated over time. As my eyes got funkier, the lenses got way curvier, and well, there's the rub. Literally.

Watch the video. I think that I succeeded in describing the failure in exquisite detail that even the  most casual viewer will immediately understand.

Now for the good news.

If you have had similar issues, if you have given up wearing Ray Ban aviators because your prescription is interfering with the actual operation of the frames, then especially watch the video, because all these years later, I finally found the cure. Watch the video.

I am content, chuffed, happy, ecstatic really, that I now have a pair of Ray Ban Outdoorsman aviators that will outlive me, no matter how pathetic my eyesight becomes.


Detailed show notes:

My Ray Ban sunglasses are the Outdoorsman model (model number RB3030) purchased in 1977 and worn pretty much daily ever since. The left temple snapped three weeks ago. The lenses are my existing prescription lenses. Here’s a link to the glasses.

The music for this episode of Life on two wheels was sourced in the excellent YouTube Audio Library and is Cop A Feel by Audionautix which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


ThatHarleyGuy said...

I am Major Damage when it comes to sunglasses. The only ones that I have that seem to last are my El Cheapo padded motorcycle glasses, while good with three lens types, they are far from every day fashionable. Not that I care about that, but, let's face it, sometimes you just want a good pair of sunglasses for the drive, the park, the walk around town. I've never owned a pair or Ray Bans, now I know why. At $190 USD, it is unlikely that I will own a pair anytime in the near future. However, I applaud your brand loyalty.

David Masse said...

Pleased to make your acquaintance, Major Damage!

~US$200 over 40 years is pretty cheap, but few sane people keep their sunglasses anywhere near that long. So maybe it just makes sense for me ;)

Conchscooter said...

Sounds cheap to me. My titanium framed transition lenses cost $800 (in real money - add %25 for metric dollars).

David Masse said...

Which reminds me Michael, the prescription lenses are shot and need to be replaced. That cost will indeed make the cost of the Ray Ban frames pale by comparison.

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