Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ray Bans©

 I love my 35 year old Ray Bans©.

They're the Outdoorsman model, said my optometrist appreciatively.  "They don't make them anymore" he said with the same fond, wistful look that a car buff might have talking about 1956 Corvettes or MG TDs.  He felt bad for the hard wear I inflicted on them, so he meticulously cleaned off the accumulated grunge when he fitted my new lenses last week.

This morning the dismal weather we've been having began to clear. The sun finally made an appearance so I pulled into Stewart Hall to put on my shades.

Standing beside the Vespa, paces from the lake, I took a minute to absorb my surroundings.  I felt blessed.
The freshness of the cool September morning air, the stately willow to my left, and the stillness of the lake made me want to linger, empty my mind for a spell, and just be.

I stood there surveying the scene, the air fragrant from the freshly mown lawn, enjoying the moment.  I took a breath, then strolled closer to the water's edge.  The only sound was the Vespa purring on its centre stand behind me.

When I got closer to the shore, I saw a couple of jet skis sitting on a boat-lift, close to shore behind a waterfront home on my right.  The jet skis made a pretty picture, the yellow bonnets of their shrouds popping out in the pastel scene.
It was time to 'shake a leg' as my mother was fond of saying, so I shoved off and continued on my way to the office.


SonjaM said...

David, what a wonderful way to start a work day. I should do that more often, too. It looks like it gets you in Zen.

As for the glasses... well... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. But I don't get the 'Vette thing either ;-)

Unknown said...


You should have rephrased the car buff thing and replaced the word 'Vette with "Miata". I think car people would understand. I used to be a car guy and went to a lot of show & shines . The Vespa lifestyle is similar to the 'Vette lifestyle and no different from the HD lifestyle. The HD is America's only iconic motorcycle brand and the 'Vette is America's only world class sportscar.

As I look at your meandering ride to work, I cannot think of any way I could match the same natural beauty as you have experienced. I only have concrete and telephone poles to enjoy on my commute.

Let me know when you get closer to Vancouver. I prev Mentioned that we used to have a Miata too, so we are brothers, only ours was White, Not Red, but you already know that Red is faster

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

I have an amazing pair of sunglasses and am going to be sad when mine give up the ghost. I feel a wistfulness at the thought of summer coming to an end. We have been having a terrible summer this year & this past week we have finally had some hot weather. You can feel the tang of fall in the air in the morning when I go out to the scooter. I am resigned to the fact that I will be donning rain gear and heavier clothing on my daily commute and am not looking forward to it. Great pictures!

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