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You may have found this place by scanning the Quick Response Code on my Vespa 300.  If that's how you came here, please send me an e-mail, I am david@masse.org, and share the details (where you scanned the code, what you were doing at the time, and what you think about Life on two wheels).  The first few people who do this will get a prize.

One way or another, you're here.  Welcome!

I am pleased to introduce you to Life on two wheels and the Scoot Commute.  I started this journal in the beginning as a way of sharing my experience as I became a dedicated scooter commuter. The focus from the beginning through mid-2015 was definitely on the Scoot Commute.

In high school and college I really wanted to ride, but motherly opposition and the sorry state of my finances kept me on public transit.  Later, my finances improved, but family responsibilities dimmed the hope that I might one day own a motor scooter.  Briefly in university, I rode a Solex moped, but that's as far as I got on a powered two-wheeler.

In 2008 the moto temptation returned.  I had to get a Vespa and fulfill that teenage dream at last.

I did a lot of homework on scooter ownership.  What I intended to do was to leave my car at home, forsake public transit, and rely exclusively on a Vespa motor scooter to commute daily to my downtown job from spring through fall.

In scouring the web,  I found the Modern Vespa forum, and quite a few blogs written by passionate Canadian and American scooter riders.  You will find links to those blogs, and a number of others, on the right side of the page.

I sought adventure, if only in a modest way, and I offered a little advice to help others spread their wings.  My modest offering, sown to the virtual wind, has sprouted riches beyond imagining.  Friends, many friends, on every continent the world over.  Experiences to cherish for all time to come.

Along the way, Life on two wheels became much, much more than I imagined when I began, and so much more than the ScootCommute. In late 2015 I made some stylistic changes to refresh this journal and make it officially more about Life on two wheels. In early 2017 I added vlogging to the mix with a Life on two wheels YouTube channel.

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Interaction with readers and viewers is a large part of what made the change happen. It may be karma, the principle of attraction, kismet, fate, the act of a divine being, the will of the universe, or some other powerful force at play, but I think that it's the essence of the human spirit.

Kindred spirits resonate with one another.  When you tap into that amazing resonance, incredible things happen.  We come together from hundreds, and thousands of miles apart.  We share experiences, we share slices of our lives.  As we do, we gather memories of people and places, of our movement in space and time, of faces and voices, of tastes and scents, and so very much more.

Life on two wheels is where I share those memories.  When a story graces these pages, it's history, in the past. The promise for you, is that by sharing with me on these pages, you will resonate too, and only good things will come of it.

I have tried to build this place in a way that makes it easy for new readers to explore and find the information they're looking for, or themes that interest them.

In addition to the links to other blogs on the right side of the page, you will see links at the top of the screen to special pages that let you find content by topic, or chronologically.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you find what you're looking for.  I hope you join in the resonance

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David Masse

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