Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter modifications, Chapter 2

I picked up a brand new Cuppini tall windscreen for my Vespa LX150 today.

No pics yet, cause I can't install it until I put the scoot back together, and I can't do that until I wrap up my electrical modifications.

I really think that I'm going to want to cut it down to a mid-height screen.  The trick is that I only get one kick at the cat.

So there are at least three windscreen threads on Modern Vespa that I am going to have to read, and re-read, and re-re-read, and take notes as I do it.

I'm almost looking forward to this as much as I did installing the Stebel air horn.  Almost as much because once the install is done, there won't be that "BBBBBLLLLLLLAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" moment when you hit the horn button for the first time :)

Still, I'm really looking forward to this.

For those scooter owners that have yet to install a Stebel, I saw them in stock at the local Canadian Tire store this afternoon for $69.95, the same price I paid last year.  A bargain, and a necessity.  No better way to make your presence on two wheels known.

As usual, more to come, so stay tuned.


Rick said...

I've cut three screens now so I've learned a bit from trial and error. Make practice cuts on the top of the screen so you feel more confident when it's time to do it for real. Take your time but don't be too timid. I suspect when you're done you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

One caution with the Cuppini screen is that the plastic is a bit more brittle than some of the others. I started out cutting mine with a jigsaw. I didn't support the edge of the screen well enough and ended up snapping a piece off. I was able to clean up the mistake but it was a close call. Since then all the cuts I've made have been with a Dremel.

When you're done cutting, sand the edges and then use MEK (methyl ethyl ketone - basically nail polish remover) to clean them up. The solvent will turn the edge from milky white to clear by melting the plastic. Do it gingerly. You don't want this stuff dripping down your new windscreen.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you're attempting all upgrades. I wish I could! But I am pretty clumsy and so I let the professionals tackle the job. But I wish I was there to watch you do this. Make sure you take some photos of the process.

I have also been wondering about installing a windscreen for my BV500. I have only the "sport" screen which gives very little protection from the wind. One thing that has held me back has been it needs to be custom-sized, such as yours. So I will see how you do before I take the scooter in for my own.
Keep writing and keep riding - Belkwinith

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