Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy First-Post Day!

Today is the one year anniversary of my first post on Life on two wheels, the scoot commute.

If you've never blogged, you might want to give it a try.  The only requirement is to have something you believe to be worth sharing with the world.  The more you believe in it, the easier it is.

It helps if you enjoy writing, if you know a little about computers, a tiny bit about editing html, if you are comfortable with digital photography and video, moving JPGs around, and perhaps posting to YouTube; but none of those things should stop you if you don't think you have the skills.  There's nothing like trial and error.

Now let's talk about the cost.  It's free!

So, if there's something you want to contribute to the rest of humanity, step into the blogosphere, there's nothing to fear, trust me.

Of course the best advice I can give is never, never, ever, post something to the cloud (the new, and certainly not the last buzzword for the 'Net) that you aren't prepared to live with publicly for the rest of your natural life, and burden your relatives with probably well after you're gone.

So be kind, and if you have nothing nice to say, by all means say nothing.

Pick a topic that has as little as possible to do with your job.  I mean the one that involves someone else paying you good money so you can buy groceries and afford a roof over your head.

Oh, and be patient.  Depending on the topic you choose, you may write for weeks and months with no one reading.  But, trust me, readers like you will eventually stumble on your posts, and if your thoughts strike a chord in other similarly-minded people, you'll have an audience.

If I haven't managed to convince you to stay away from here by now, then pull up a mouse and a keyboard, snuggle up to your tablet, computer or smart phone, and settle in.  If you throw in your e-mail address to the subscription window on the right, my musings will go straight to your e-mail account whenever I have something new to share.

Not to worry though, the Google folks who own Blogger have sworn not to be evil, so they don't let me see who is subscribed, so I'll be none the wiser whether you follow me or you don't, or if you start, then stop, then start again.

So be free, express your life, and stay tuned, there's more of this blog to come!

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