Monday, April 25, 2011

Lofty thoughts

Warmer temperatures are finally forecast for this week.

That's the good news. The not so good news is that rain is also forecast just about every day.

Still, fair weather or foul, warm or cold, bright or dismal, my Vespa will have to wait patiently for me because, as I write this on my trusty Iphone,  I'm cruising comfortably in pitch darkness at 32,000 feet heading to Reagan National in Washington DC.

Business meetings and the intense preparation they entail will be the order of the day, dawn to well past dusk.  No time to sightsee.

If I stumble on fellow scooter commuters' trusty scoots while I'm at the political epicenter of the earth, I'll try to snap some photos to share here.

That will have to do, and will be as close as I'll come to the scoot commute until Friday.

In the meantime, Steve Williams' thoughtful  post giving thanks at Easter, has got me thinking along the same lines.

There's precious little to do anyway. It's a small regional aircraft and the only amenities are pretzels.
In most ways that matter, I'm truly blessed.

It's good to pause and reflect on my good fortune and think of my loved ones as I hurtle through life.  I surely don't count my blessings as often as I should.

To my wonderful wife, my daughter and our two sons, my sisters, my father, my brothers in law and sister in law, to my nieces and nephews, and my dear friends, I love each and every one dearly and you are the true source of my happiness.

So begins our final approach.
Good night all, and pleasant dreams.

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Keith - Circle Blue said...

Safe journey! Lots of rain here in Missouri, but enjoying the riding.

I agree with you. I thought Steve's post was very nice.


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