Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunrise on Lake St-Louis

Today was going to be my first long road trip.  As often happens, work got in the way of fun, and took its usual precedence.  The trip to Ottawa is still on, but it will be Monday, weather permitting.

I invite you to hang around here, because I will take that epic trip, and I expect that there will be a long blog post or two to tell the tale.
To mitigate the pain of postponement, I interrupted the morning commute to take these early morning pictures of the lake.

I cheated a little, taking advantage of the Vespa's ability to go where other vehicles can't, and parked right next to the Pointe Claire pier.  The pier is barely west of the Pointe Claire village. It offers a nice view of Lake St-Louis looking east.
In this next picture you get an idea of where I parked in relation to where the intended parking is.
I snapped my pictures with my Iphone, and, ready to face the work day, continued the ride to the office.
Looking at these pictures, I am reminded once more that I have to renounce the Iphone for these kinds of photos. The focus usually seems murky, and the pictures often lack the depth that I can get with either my ancient Olympus 3 megapixel camera or my Olympus SLR. There's always room for improvement.


SonjaM said...

David, it is such a marvelous idea to take an extra stop 'to smell the roses' on the commute.

And you are not the only one going where no scooter has gone before ;-)

I am looking forward to your epic ride.

Dar said...

I love traveling on the scoot with my little canon, I am constantly stopping & taking pictures. That's the best part of scooting. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

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