Friday, October 7, 2011

A peak behind the curtain

Some of you have had problems posting comments.

I have tweaked the comment settings in the hope that the changes will make things easier. For instance, you shouldn't have to fuss with that Turing word-test thing designed to tell if you're a human and not a machine.

If many machines start commenting, particularly if they are complaining about the difficulty they're having figuring out how to ride a scooter they bought on Ebay, I may have to turn the word verification back on. [EDIT: there was indeed too much spam, so I turned the word verification back on.]

If you are experiencing any issues on the technical side of things, and you're not a machine, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do to twiddle the levers behind the curtain to make the problem go away for you.

Going back behind the curtain now...

1 comment:

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I'm just experiencing time problems when it comes to leaving comments. Before I had a chance to comment on the Westmount post, there was the milestone post, and now this. My head is spinning :)

Seriously, Thanks for the Westmount lookout post. I was there many years ago. It was a good memory. And, congratulations on your milestone. Now to see if I have problems leaving this comment.

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