Friday, November 4, 2011

You know it's cold when...

Capturing a shot like this on a Friday morning commute to work makes cold weather riding such a deeply satisfying experience.

Last season I packed in the scoot commute after a ride just below the freezing point. I had to pull into a McDonalds half way to the office to warm up over a cup of coffee. I was wearing ski mitts, and it just wasn't enough to deal with the windchill. When I got to the office I was probably well on my way to hypothermia.

This season I'm much better equipped. The windscreen makes a huge difference by keeping the wind off my hands. The lined riding pants and the layers under my riding jacket keep my core nice and warm. So basically the only effect left is cold fingers. That's manageable.

When I get off the bike in the underground garage, I pull off my gloves and place my hands on the headlight, one after the other. The residual warmth is just the ticket. Not too hot, just nice and toasty. By the time I get into my office and sit down to work, a hot mug of coffee is all I need to banish the rest of the chill in my hands.

The remaining issue is the condition of the roads. If there is a chance of precipitation that could become ice or frost on the road, that will spell the end of the 2011 scooter commuting season.

Time will tell, but, by any measure, the end is near. Repent!!


Keith - Circle Blue said...

I added heated grips this season. They are wonderful. It has always been keeping the hands warm that have been the biggest problem . . . that and ice. Here we don't get the volume of snow you do and I'm able to ride most of the year. I'm looking forward to having warmer hands this season.

Unknown said...


To my Transcontinetal Brother: I also have heated grips but I seldom use them around town when speeds are below 3,000. rpm as it taxes your charging system. On the highway there are no problems but when I reach stop and go traffic, I turn them off. Perhaps if you had a heat troller, rather than a rheostat it would solve the problem of using more power than your stator can produce at low RPMs

Riding the Wet Coast

SonjaM said...

Awesome colours, David. You should make it a header pic ;-)
Look at you, first week of November is over and you are still riding. Bravo!
Will you start commuting by car soon or can you use public transport?

Steve Williams said...

I agree with the comments about great colors in the photos.

Great colors!

I love rides where I can't make it without stopping to have something hot to drink. Or more to the point hold. Makes me feel alive.

I am always battling cold hands and fingers on the Vespa because everything is out in the open. Even electric gloves don't help a whole lot when the temperature drops below 20F. Heated grips would be great but I do have concerns about the limitations of the charging system. Probably shouldn't worry though because there are a boat load of people on the Modern Vespa forum who have installed and used them for years.

End of the riding season?? Say it's not so...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

len@RE-GLAZE-IT said...

Hi dave....first off that is a very nice picture mate ,now onto winter&scootering-:
Do you get to ride on the nice clean crisp
winter know the days that are very..very cold , but dry and clear...wrapped up well these conditions make a great ride,or do you plan on parking up the scoot until spring........I really should research your winter weather conditions in the uk the weather is varied ... its actually been rather warm, considering this time last year we had lots of snow and -16 at night!..hope you don't park her up just yet!
len( scootering adventures )

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