Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to the wet coast, welcome to paradise!

Allright, here I go again, right?

More over-the-top exaggeration. NOT!

I am privileged to be staying, for the next few days, at the Fairmont Pacific Rim on the waterfront in Vancouver.  Simply my favourite hotel.  Full stop.  Nothing to add.

What could make this better, you ask?

How about picking up a kick-ass Kymco Frost 200cc fuel-injected scooter five minutes from the airport courtesy of Bobskoot's good friend and Kymco dealer Gary Lee of  Add to that providing my colleague who flew in from Calgary a motorcade style escort to the hotel.  She in her rock-star Lincoln Continental blacked-out window limo.  Me riding on the white Kymco providing imaginary cover.  With the snow-capped mountains as a backdrop. Wow!

Then, after check-in and a late lunch (at least based on Montreal time), I came downstairs to park the Kymco in the hotel garage (no charge for the scoot, another plus of the scooter lifestyle, my friends - the valet gods at the Fairmont invited me to scoot by the lift gates in the garage, because that's what the head valet does on her scooter!), and what do I find?

This gem parked outside.  A Vespa LX with a custom side-car rig:

And here's my ride, safely parked in the spotless underground garage.

Stay-tuned, cause there is more to come... A LOT MORE!

PS: for celebrity watchers, Sir Richard Branson was dining at ORU tonight.  That makes two of us.  The cool factor just won't quit.  I am loving this.


SonjaM said...

Welcome to the (not so) wet coast. Thanks for bringing your own weather along. It is very generous of Gary to 'sponsor' your ride.
Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Unknown said...


It took a bit of bribing and talking to the right people, but I managed to secure good weather for your visit. I wanted to surprise you with warmth & sunshine

Welcome to Vancouver. We tell everyone that it rains to keep them away.

Riding the Wet Coast
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Dar said...

Gee whiz maybe Gary could spot me a scooter & I could walk on the ferry early Saturday morning......

Unknown said...


Gary was riding the Orange Kymco Downtown 300i in Victoria. You should have asked him when you had a chance

Riding the Wet Coast
My Flickr // My YouTube

Gary France said...

Vancouver is obviously the place to be this summer, especially with free scooters, and limo outriders. Love the yellow scoot combo as well!

Trobairitz said...

Welcome to the wet west coast.

What do you mean it isn't so wet Sonja? It didn't stop raining here all darn day today, lol.

I am glad you are enjoying your staying in Vancouver so far - there are good people in them parts.

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