Saturday, September 15, 2012

It only takes a few minutes

I can't help it.

Early morning light plays with the lake and the sky in ways that compel me to stop and take pictures.
No harm done, since it barely takes any time at all.

Here I made a U-turn, rode up a sidewalk access ramp, onto a green space path, put the bike on the stand, took in the scene, snapped some pictures, and went on my way.
Five minutes, tops.


SonjaM said...

Beautiful. I guess we all have those spots which make us delay our Vespa commute every so often...

Canajun said...

Seeing pictures like these is exactly why I think I should carry a camera with me always. But I rarely remember so it's a good thing someone does. I especially like the first shot.

Trobairitz said...

Simply gorgeous. Sure wish I had views like that on my commute.

Passing the university't football stadium just doesn't cut it.

David Masse said...

Sonja, I truly appreciate that I am blessed living here. Less beauty here than on the west coast, to be sure, but big city commute wise, this is a really nice place to live.

Canajun, I don't bother carrying a camera anymore because the iPhone with the Camera+ app does such a nice job. It allows you to separate the exposure point from the focal point allowing much more creative control. Once the picture is taken, there are editing features that are truly remarkable.

For instance, that first shot was edited with the 'clarity' setting. Basically it balances the exposure to optimize each area of the shot, bring out detail in the darker areas, toning down the brighter areas, in each case revealing more detail. The middle shot is as is, un-doctored, and the bottom shot was adjusted for backlight to reveal the shore surroundings despite the heavy backlight from the morning sun.

Trobairitz, the nice thing about photography, is that there is always some interesting photo lurking in the most mundane surroundings. Steve Williams always manages to find the perspective and angle that make for a beautiful photo although the Pennsylvania woods and fields might otherwise seem monotonous to most of us. That's real talent.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

It is that time of year when sunsets and sunrises are stunning here in the Midwest USA. I find myself stopping more. I agree with your comment to Brandy, when we start looking there are interesting sights lurking everywhere.

David Masse said...

Keith, those skies are the sugar coating on weather that is going to take us off our bikes. How long do you expect to be able to keep your commute up?

Martha said...

That first photo is just gorgeous. Copper and silver and gold. Lovely! And how wonderful to be standing there.

Dar said...

David you pictures are always stunning, simply beautiful. I usually have both camera and iPhone, but will probably just take the iPhone now that I have the blogger app finally working and don't need to lug two now. I have to camera apps plus the apple app & find good balance between them. Love the light & colors this time f year, but hate feeling the nip in the air and having to add thermal layers.

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