Thursday, October 25, 2012

Help ! I'm trapped in David's Spam Cellar

I don't know how I got here but David won't let me out.   It's dark and cold but I am lucky that he gave me a dish of gruel earlier today so I'm not that hungry.   He told me that if I was a good boy and typed out some words and posted a few photos, that HE would let me out  . . .   It feels like a dungeon down here and it echos.   Oh Oh, I hear footsteps and some rattling keys,   I'd better get started.

It's a lucky thing that I have a box of old photos here with me

Brand new 2003 Yamaha BWS 49cc    Mrs Skoot         May, 2003

I really wanted to buy a motorcycle as I used to ride and I used the idea of buying a scooter so I could proceed with my plan.   We went everywhere looking at scooters that would be suitable and this is what we ended up with.

Mrs Skoot & Yamaha BWS         May, 2003

This was supposed to be HER scooter, so here she is taking a familiarization ride to get used to it.   That is my trusty mountain bike in the background.

Long story, shortened.  The Yamaha BWS was too tall for her so she wanted something a bit smaller and lower that she felt more comfortable with so we scoured the local paper for a used scooter and came up with this one which was brand new but never licensed.   The previous owner bought it for his girlfriend but she was too afraid to ride it in traffic so there it sat, until we came along.   He delivered it all the way from Abbotsford one Sunday afternoon

   Mrs Skoot and her Yamaha Vino        July 2003

On Sundays we would ride around town together.  Here we are in Stanley Park, Prospect point taking a rest break

Mrs Skoot & her Vino  (BWS behind)

So the Yamaha BWS ended up to be my bike and she had the Vino to ride.

  Bobskoot & Mrs Skoot       Prospect Point, Stanley Park            July 2003

Even then I carried my tripod and had a self timer so I could take self photos.   See, shorts, sandals and scooters are a good mix, of course now I always wear riding boots

Third Beach, Stanley Park              July 2003

It was great to have scooters.   They were easy to find a place to park and it was easy to stop for photos

  Canada Day, July 1, 2003   Canada Place,  Vancouver

We wanted to go down to Canada Place on Canada Day so we used our scooters and managed to squeeze into the non-parking spot where we could see the live entertainment/celebrations

One Sunday we decided to take our scooters over to Bowen Island, so here we are waiting for the Ferry.  It is only a 20 minute crossing but it feels like you are going on a cruise to somewhere exotic

 Horseshoe Bay Terminal           July 2003

The Horseshoe Bay terminal back then wasn't built yet so we had to wait outside.  Now you enter the lower level of the new terminal and get to be undercover when it rains

                Horseshoe Bay Terminal       portrait view          July  2003

We finally get loaded aboard the ferry and enjoy the cool ocean breeze

BC Ferries    Yamaha BWS & Yamaha Vino

Scooters and motorcycles get to load first, and then they are first off at the other end

Bowen Island Ferry      July 2003

Here's another view of our scooters, photogenic . . .  eh ?

Bowen Island            July  2003

and here's what it looks like on the other side.   We did a bit of exploring when we were there and there are several good restaurants where you can have a meal.   It was a good day to be out on our scoots

I've run out of words and I hope David opens the dungeon and lets me out.  I'm getting hungry

Now you know how our scooting adventures began . . .

thank you for reading,     bobskoot


David Masse said...

Bob,there you go again! Hey, now that you have your own key you can leave all by yourself any time you want, I'm not going down there with a flashlight to fetch you out anymore. Besides, you lurk in the shadows, and then leap out with your hands in the air with that maniacal look in your eyes and it freaks me out. So let yourself out, or in, as you please. Oh, and feel free to help yourself to whatever you find in the fridge. Sheesh! By the way, I don't know how you found those old pictures of you and Mrs. Skoot down there... I guess all the cellars in the Googleplex are somehow connected.

Trobairitz said...

Umm David - I think you've been hacked!!

That Bobskoot seems like a good guy though and has cool old scooter pics.

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