Friday, November 2, 2012

And now for a change of pace

Three years of the scoot commute have left me happy, and fat.

It's high time for a change of pace. I'm plugging in the Vespa soon and trading life on two wheels, for life on two feet. Exchanging rubber on the road, for boots on the ground. The shoe leather express.

Some folks here refer to it as taking the BMW to work (as in Bus, Metro, Walk).

I drove in yesterday morning owing to the continuing inclemencies of hurricane Sandy. Lauren wanted the car to go home early, so it was time for me and my newly acquired train pass to pound the pavement and hit the rails.

It's nice really, a brisk 15 minute walk, a brightly lit brand new double-decker commuter train. A nice place to blog, really.

I feel more virtuous already.


SonjaM said...

BMW - Bus Metro Walk. Haven't heard that one before ;-)

David Masse said...

Sonja, I strongly suspect that it's a pure Montrealism. It's possible they might say it in Washington D.C. since the subway there is also the Metro, but I think that Montreal and Washington may be the only cities with Metros where there are large numbers of English speakers.

Another Montrealism that has popped up in my daughter's vernacular makes me chuckle. She works for Bell Canada at their new Quebec campus on Nun's Island just off downtown. It's isolated enough from downtown, and most everything else, that the English speaking staffers there have taken to referring to the campus disparagingly as "BellCatraz".

Trobairitz said...

I saw the stairs and thought you were getting into stunting.

Good to hear it is just an alternate way of commuting.

Dar said...

Always good to exercise, need to do it a little more myself. Soon it will e 'BMW' time for me as well. Belkcatraz that's funny.

Martha said...

Good for you! Even though we feel virtuous on our two wheels, when we get back to two feet, we realize that that's still the best way, most humane way to travel.

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