Monday, January 21, 2013

Comfort, out of the blue!

I got in from work to find a mystery package waiting for me from Pensylvania.

What I found inside is amazing. 
Rarely, in a lifetime, do you get to meet a human being this kind and thoughtful.

This is a gift that is every bit as appreciated, as it is completely unexpected.  An ultra-light camp stove that runs on alcohol.

 Hot coffee, tea, or instant soup, anywhere, anytime, thanks to a blue flame, and Bobskoot.

Boiled water in about 1.5 minutes.  Amazing.

Thanks Bob!


Unknown said...


I am amazed that you had Methyl Alcohol "on hand", and also you didn't need an instruction manual to find the valve which turned it on

You told me "pewter". Oh Oh, the matching bike isn't here yet

Light, small, simple and reliable with no moving parts. You may need it on your KOA adventure this summer

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

Methyl Hydrate, to be precise. Fondu fuel or solvent for shellac. I think it was solvent for shellac that motivated the most recent purchase. It's also good (too good maybe) for dealing with a child with a high fever (topical application sparingly, not for ingestion obviously). Also good for tools and machine parts that have been washed in water and where you have to eliminate all traces of water.

My dad was a chemist by training and I picked up some stuff from osmosis, so to speak.

Looks like that project of yours in the back yard is coming along nicely.

VStar Lady said...

So David, I also received a little gift from Bobskoot - looks like there's going to be a cook off! But you've one upped me. I've no fuel on hand ... perhaps you can let me know where I can find it.

David Masse said...

Hi Karen, pretty much any hardware store will have it. It's a thinner for shellac. Just ask for methyl hydrate in the paint department.

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